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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Penguin 2.1: How To Do SEO-Off Page For Website Now

Develop some really good, informative and original content for your website, and rule the WEB! 

My website is hit by penguin 2.1, I have lost my traffic, my keywords were ranking on the first page of Google but now they are ranking on 3rd or the 4th page or even beyond. How to build links for my website now? These are some most common thing you got to hear these days ever since Penguin 2.1 was introduced. Here is my next post on this.

So by now, we all know what is Penguin 2.1 update, what is its impact on websites, which websites are hit by this deadly algorithm. We now know the reason for the drop or fall in the ranking or traffic of most of the website. I have personally observed that all my friends except a few lucky ones are crying with this hit. But Matt Cutts, Google's head of search spam, said it impacted about 1% of search queries. (I wonder how 1% search queries can hit almost every business website around me, except a few whereas the earlier Penguin 2.0 was said to have affected 2.3% search queries, but the impact was quite low in my surrounding.)

But now lets get into discussing something serious. Lets discuss about what to do now after this hit. How to rank website back on Google? How to regain the traffic again? I am discussing these things based on my past experiences in fighting similar hits. Lets discuss some of the best practices in SEO , I will mark things to do now point wise.

  • Get a website ready which provides rich content, easy navigation, highly engaging UI, keeping in mind various SEO friendly HTML factors.
  • Ofcourse the first step will be to get rid of the low quality backlink profiles. Do whatever you can do including disavowing Unnatural links which you are unavailable to remove maually through contacting their Webmaster.
  • Forget Link Exchange, specially PAID
  • Forget Directory Submissions, despite the high PR of the website. Just include your website into dMoz directory and Yahoo Directory.
  • Forget Social Bookmarking now, just Stumble, Reddit, Delicious etc. (Mostly the sharing options you find in the most popular sharing widgets.)
  • Do not Focus on Article submission. Even if you are not willing to do a little bit of article submissions, just use a well written, informative article discussing some of your achievements and your product specialties and specialties of your services. Submit this article on any one of the article directories for e.g. EzineArticles.
  • Focus more on getting more and more Social signals through Google Plus(G+), Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Get more likes, sharing, comments, get involved in the discussions going on your Social Page. The more likes, sharing, and comments you are getting, more is the natural back-links that you are getting, which is Google's new LOVE.  
  • Use popular Web 2.0 websites like the Tumbler, WordPress etc. to share your content and build content channels for your website without spending extra penny on creating websites for publishing your valuable content.
  • Find some big blogs which allow guest blogging opportunities. Ask them, if you can publish some great content and informative stories/articles, if it meets their Guest Blogging requirements. Do not add anchor text rich links embedded into your post. Just use your brand name to introduce your business. If your content is good, you will be getting natural links automatically. If you can create a BUZZ around your content, all your hard work and efforts in writing such wonderful and great content is rewarded. Make sure your content is in the right context.
  • Do not allow dofollow links on the footer of your website, nofollow them immediately.
  • Do not link your website anywhere unnecessarily, until you have a logic and you can relate it will the content. 
  • Make some great engaging videos to visually represent and describe your business, your products and services. This is a great source to bring huge traffic to your website.
  • Keep practicing the white hat on-page seo techniques that we already know. Do not ignore a single thing to stand apart from all these hits.
  • Get Google authorship for your content.
  • Start using long keywords for your website. Long tail SEO is the new in thing after HUmmingbird Algorithm. Long tail Keywords is also showing signs of improved conversion ratio over the one-two word keywords. 
In short, let people link you rather than you running for links. Everything which will be natural is going to survive. Do not try to cheat the current algorithm, because another update to eat the cheats done to beat this current update must be into the pipeline and can be launched sooner.  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why Search Engine Optimization Process Is Getting Tricky and Complex?

Why Search Engine Optimization Process Is Getting Tricky and Complex?

To rank better on search engines, Seo’s and online Marketing Experts always find new ways to get more powerful links. In the process it happens that some Search Engine guidelines are not followed. And people can rank a less informative and less important site higher to the one which deserve the better ranking. To check these tricks and to provide its users the best online search results, Search Engines, especially GOOGLE updates its ranking algorithm too often. The recent algorithm which has become a nightmare for the SEO world is the GOOGLE PANDA.

Since February 11, Panda has launched various versions to give the best results and to check spam websites to rank higher. Seo Process has now become trickier and a rapidly changing process in terms of implementation. It has made the professional look for new ways of doing the quality work and delivering the project on time. 

Key factor being considered in a Panda Algo are:

1.       Quality Links
2.       Quality Content – After Panda Content (genuine) is the KING!
3.       Site Navigation
4.       W3c Validation
 etc. along with many other things which can affect a site’s Seo Campaign.  

What To Expect after Successful SEO Campaign

What Can You Expect after a Successful SEO Campaign?

 Some of the key awards you will get after a successful Seo Campaign are: 

1.       Increase traffic and quality of leads for higher conversions
2.       Drive top rankings for your most competitive terms and high-quality long-tail keywords
3.       Improve on-page content for relevancy, visitor readability and search engine spiders
4.       Improve PageRank, keyword rankings and link popularity through strategic link building and off-page services
5.       Better site visibility on local searches
6.       Brand awareness of your product and services offered
7.       Better Brand value!
8.       Customers from around the globe
9.       Better return on your investment (ROI)
10.   Global Presence

Factors Affecting Ranking Of Different keywords

Each keyword in a campaign has its own timeline and barrier to enter on the first page of Google's Search Result. The amount of time required for each keyword depends on the numerous critical factors outlined below. If it were easy, then everyone would rank in the top 10 results, but as there are only 10 spots for any given keyword, those ten spots are a commodity and represent tremendous value when you consider the worth of a popular industry specific commercial search query.

The amount of time taken for a keyword to rank depends on factors such as:

1.       The quality of on page done with keywords inserted in relevant Meta Tags.
2.       Keyword prominence on the site.
3.       Seo Optimized unique Content with useful information
4.       The overall site structure & navigation
5.       Invite the search engine crawlers too often on the webpages.
6.       Regular content Updation
7.       Number of competitive pages for the keyword which makes the competition
8.       Number of words in the keyword phrases (3 to 4 words keywords(long tail keywords) are considered to rank faster than the single or two words phrase keywords.)
9.       Number of quality back-links (links from other websites linking back to our site) should be increasing with the time
10.   Age of the website domain
11.   Regular SEO Offpage activities on the specific keywords regularly
12.   Time taken to load the webpage
13.   Proper modification of pages, proper naming convention of the pages
14.   Moreover professional SEO Experts strategies are also very important for the ranking to occur faster. Ranking can get delayed if proper strategy and regular monitoring is not being done by an expert.
15.   Analyzing the current algorithms which the search engines are following and changing the strategies accordingly.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Much Talked About Google Panda Update 3.2

This week every one in the SEO world saw drop in their websites Traffic and also in the Website ranking. After many debates in many forums and blogs, it came that it is the result of Google Panda Update 3.2. But it was said by Google sources that there will be no major Panda update before this coming new year. But after carefully examining the statement, I can figure out that "No major Panda Update", but it was not said that there will be no update.

Definitely it was some kind of Google algorithmic update, if not a Google Panda algorithmic update.

Now there was another question that what was the issue which was considered in this update. Many people are saying that it takes into account the quality of links this time. Those who were relying on paid links and less relevant links on any website, were affected. But what about those who are affected by this update, but they have never made any paid links. Links from social bookmarks, articles, directories and relevant blog comments can not be called bad links at all. But after discussing this update with many of my friends I came to know that those who are doing only  social bookmarks, articles, directories were also affected. Some keywords which were dropped to 7- positions recovered quickly in a few days. BUt those which were dropped to 4th and 5th pages were not showing any progress.

Lets discuss this here in the comments now. I will update more if I can find something significant.  

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do Not Fool Google - If You Are In A Habit Of Copy Content From Another Sites, Google Will Penalize You

A webmaster has asked Google in a Webmaster forum about the reason for his site penalization - drop in the ranking. Google made a point that the site is having copy content on the site. The webmaster to the surprise replied Google that others are copying his content. But Google cannot be fooled. Google does an investigation and found that the Webmaster's  content is under question and is copied. 
The thing to be keep in mind from now is that copy content from another site is not going to help your business and Website in long run. And Google is not a dumb. Google is the king of Search Engine and it know all about the online materials. 
Here are the relevant snippets from the thread:
One thing that is very important to our algorithms is unique and compelling content. In general, it makes little sense for us to crawl and index content that is copied, rewritten, automatically translated or otherwise automatically processed -- we assume that our users would much rather want to find the original source. With that in mind, I would strongly recommend removing all such content -- should you have any -- and making sure that all of your content is of the highest quality possible, and really unique and compelling, in short: something that users will want to refer friends to.
Should you find and remove content like that, I would recommend submitting a reconsideration request after cleaning everything up, detailing the changes that you have made.
Please also understand the fact that people are copying me. Just like my last post New Zealand vs South Africa it is totally unique, read it as its worth reading as I write my own reviews and you can see last night I submited this post and it is already copied to two or more sites. You can check all my reviews, they are totally unique but it seems they are no longer, on web I can not stop people copying me. And if I would be well indexed this would surely copied by many.
It would seem strange to me that the Times of India would be copying and correcting the mistakes in your posts... Looking through a sample of your posts, I don't see a problem with other sites copying your content, but I do see posts on your site that are just rewritten from other sources. While I understand that you can't make up news, it's really important to us that your site provides unique and compelling content of its own, even if you are referring to other sources. One way to do this could be to properly quote and link to the original source, while making sure that your commentary makes up the majority of the content on those pages. Rewriting other sources without attribution or unique additional value is not something that our algorithms appreciate.
The original discussion is here- Click Google penalization  

Its time for ethical SEO to come in action so that spammers can take a step back. Trust on good SEO Services.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Facebook Likes Will Affect Bing's Search Result

Like Google has done earlier - Google search result affected by "Shares" from Twitter and Many other services, Bing's Search result will be condering Facebook Likes.

Earlier in October, Bing added Facebook "Likes" to the bottom of its search result page. You are searching something, and one of your FB friend has liked that on FB, so now BING will show this afetr all its regular result.

Bing announced that FB likes are now more integrated to Bing Search result. And from now if the regular search is also liked by your friends then it will also be shown in the search result.

Read Full Article Here:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SEO Trends Which You Need To Take Seriously In 2011

SEO is one of those areas of online activity which evolves at a speed faster than the relatively easy-going dog years in which time on the web is measured. The cat-and-mouse game which is the norm between search engine optimizers and website owners has accelerated to the point where time is measured in stoat years (which means the ratio has gone from being 1:7 to being 1:32) and this makes it all the more important to be able to look and plan ahead.

But there are still trends you need to keep your eye on and adapt what you are doing to their ever changing importance.

1) Personalized search is only going to grow: On the web immediacy and customization spell out addiction which means that personalized search is a trend which will only get bigger and, inevitably, it will have an impact on SEO. Personalization (a Google and BING staple now) basically throws up a virtual ‘fence’ around the end-user which makes it harder to sites which do not have a solid pedigree to break through. This means that search now favors established websites, branded websites and websites which rely on social network recommendations in order to break through.

2)It’s a two search engine world: The convergence of the Yahoo/BING search has created a two-tiered world in search engines. Google continues to deliver the lion’s share of search results with a nearly 68% share in the US over June 2010 (according to Comscore) which means that worldwide Google continues to be well over the 80% mark. If you are optimizing your site Google is the one to aim for and since they are the market leader anything which works on them will work equally well (if not better) for the Yahoo/BING combination.

3) SEO spend will increase: This is a natural result of both personalized search (see trend #1) and the explosion of social media marketing (see search #4)each of which are taking search away from the automatic semantic web indexing which was the indication at the beginning of 2010 and are now making it an integral part of online marketing and online promotion. This means that unless you are lucky enough to have read and taken heed of SEO Help you really need an expert SEO who will do all the work for you and get your website performing the way it should.

4)Social marketing: Unless your website is on Facebook and Twitter and you are getting mentioned and your URL is passed around in the blogosphere, your company brand is (in the eyes of the search engines) going into a decline. This means that in terms of online presence you really need to have a clearly worked out, sustained and sustainable online marketing strategy which is designed to give you the kind of social marketing presence that will help your brand and search engine positioning.

5) The impact of the real time web is on the increase: Whether you Twitter or use the Facebook news stream or go in for live messaging the fact remains that real time marketing and even real time ecommerce are beginning to create an impact. From a web development point of view this is the next natural step. The web enamored us light years ago with flashing backgrounds and twinkling stars and has enamored us, every fast-paced year of growth since, with its ability to provide more and more interaction and connectivity. We are no longer content to spend money online, make a purchase and have to wait for a week before the goods arrive, nor do we want to send an email and have to wait three days to get a reply. Unless you have worked the real time web into your marketing you will only be repeating what everyone else is doing right now.

6) Twitter is more than just a microblogging site: The instant messaging and retweeting capability offered by Twitter make it perfect as a research and prediction tool. Used properly it can allow you to find out what your competitors are doing and which topics are trending, both vital for the development of a coherent online strategy designed to allow you to actually get somewhere with your website.

7) More online queries will result in less traffic for websites: This sounds a little oxymoronic but it’s not. Time continues to be at a premium and online we are driven to do things faster and faster. This is one of the reasons Google and Yahoo/BING try to answer queries straight from the search engine query box, making their sites faster and stickier. The result is that when you create content which answers specific questions succinctly the chances are that that content will answer a query straight out of the search engine query box rather than get visitors to your site. This then puts the pressure on you to create content which is more complicated, delivers real value as opposed to a two-sentence fluff you can get anywhere on the web and which truly engages the online visitor.

8) Focus on conversion targets as well as numbers: SEO has always been about building traffic to a website. The new breed of search engine optimizers however aims on building traffic which is far more targeted than before and the conversion rate as well as ROI ought to be higher. This is a trend which will only become more and more important as virtual fences begin to go up and the pool of potential customers you fish in will only get better.

Provided you factor in all this in your online marketing strategy there is no real reason 2011 does not turn out to be a great year for you and your online business.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

EPIC - Web Browser Developed By India For Indians

EPIC - Web Browser Developed By India For Indians

Here comes another reason to celebrate for the Indians as we have developed a Browser Called EPIC. The browser is first of its kind in the world which is specially designed to support 12 Indian languages including Hindi, Nepali, Bangla, Marathi, and Punjabi etc.
It is also the first browser to be anti-virus enabled. It is completely secure, fast to browse and download, provides complete privacy to count a few of the features provided.
It has complete Indian look with a count of around 1500 themes from India to give it a complete Indian look and feel.
Click This Link To Go to Download the EPIC.
Download EPIC

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Is Keyword Proximity?

What Is Keyword Proximity?

"Keyword Proximity" refers to the closeness between two or more keywords. The closer the keywords are the better it will be for the SEO Ranking of the keywords.
Keyword Proximity is the fine combination of keywords of keyword density and the prominence of that keyword in the whole content which is to be optimized. So proximity looks at the location of the keyword in the sentence and how often it's being used in that sentence and also takes into account the distance between them.
Proximity is difficult to calculate when two or more keywords are used as keyword combination. Especially when the keywords are not close together.
Keyword proximity considerations should include the proximity of keyword or keyword phrases to other keyword occurrences within the page, as well as the top of the page. After all, the top of the page usually tells you what you are there to read about.

How Proximity Of Keywords is useful for Seo Ranking?
Ofcourse to get high rankings on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo a good proximity does help, but it's not everything. We all know that very well.
And as every small steps make a giant Google position, it has its added usefulness and advantage.
The usefullness raises higher when is't also taking into account the weight of words in HTML elements like "Title".
or .
For example:

How Keyword Proximity Affects Search Engine Rankings.

How Keyword Proximity Affects Rankings In Search Engine.

Using the example above, if someone searched for "search engine rankings," a web page containing the first sentence is more likely to rank higher than the second.
The reason is because the keywords are placed closer together. This is assuming that everything else is equal, of course.

Lets discuss one more thing in this post which is very much related to Keyword Proximity and that is
"Keyword Prominence".
Keyword Prominence:-
Keyword prominence refers to how prominent keywords are within a web page.
The general recommendation is to place important keywords at, or near, the start of a web page, sentence, TITLE or META tag.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Google Bot Back In Business After Very Slow Activities In The Past Fort Night

Google Bot Back In Business After Very Slow Activities In The Past Fort Night

I usully take my blogs seriously and use to monitor its crawl rates etc by google. My blog Seo-Trends-tricks was not showing crawled by Google since 2nd June 2010. And I had posted a few posts on my blog. I check the individual urls of the posts posted after 2nd of june. I found it was again crawled on 4th june. But this new result ws not being shown SERP. Then I found people talking about Google Crawlers slow crawling rate. Now to my pleasure I found that it is showing 18th june the last crawled date. And it is still the last date showing.
I have found a chart showing activity of the Google Bot activity in the last 90 days. Here is the chart to have a brief idea.

I visited Google Webmaster Help and found that many webmasters around the globe are having this problem from Google Bot. So I am wondering whether this is due to Caffeine? But I am not very sure about it. It may be that it is due to some sort of Malware Misclassifiction issue, and google stops crawling sites untill it is de bugged. But still its just my assumption as there is nothing official about it. Lets hope that Google Bots are hungry again like before and will eat up more and more pages like before.