Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Thing About Digg - Social Media

Digg A Very Powerful Social Media For Your Website/Blog/Video Or any other resource you Share on it

Digg is a very exciting place to discover and share contents from anywhere in the world and from anybody. Digg provides a very unique facility to vote the content you have added there. Any other member who will like your content or information can DIGG that and your content will be considered more valuable as the number of Diggs increases.
At Digg you can share any kind of media which Digg can tolerate according to its terms and conditions and its privacy policy which you have to follow. When you submit a media to share on Digg other people who have joined the community already on Digg can access to that. The most important feature about Digg is that it will bring your page/content/media on top of its page if your submission will recieve more diggs from your friends and from other members on Digg. You will also have the liberty to discuss contents already posted with members. So we can say Digg is a great place to feed your hunger for new things about any field. Digg gives equal chance to all the content shared on it.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Is Blog Walking - How To Blog Walk

Blog Walking

Have you ever heard of the term Blog Walking. What is Blog Walking? How you can do it? These are soem questions associated with Blog Walking. Now the strange thing is that all of us do blog walk in one way or the other. Blog Walking is very important for your blog if done properly.
"Blog Walking" simply means to read others blog and after reading the blog post make a comment on the blog. Then put a link to your own blog after the comment. You can make a comment like -
Hi Blogger,(If the post is annonimous, otherwise you can address his/her name.)
I have just finished reading your blog post. I appreciate your way of introducing this subjct in a very way.
You can see some interesting post here also - http://your own
You can get huge readers in this way from this comment if your blog is of the same taste as it was where you have made a comment. And it is more likely that people visit blogs and website of their own field/interest. As a SEO person will seldom read a blog written on "How To Cure Cancer".
This is a nice way of link exchange for your blog. Do Blog Walking and drive huge traffic to your blog.

How To Add HTML & JAVA Scripts In Your Blog Posts

"How To Add A HTML & JAVA Script In Your Blog Post"

- This might have came in your mind if you are used to blogging.
Adding a Html or Java Script in my blog post was a dream for me untill I found a way to do this efficiently. Now with this post I am able to show the HTML and JAVA Scripts in my blog.
Here the way you can also try in your bloggers blog to show these scripts. Using this code you will be able to show the codes in a box. Follow the steps described below and rest you will be done:
1. Click The Blog Layout.
2. Select Edit HTML.(Save your Blog Template in your PC Hard Drive just as a precautionary measure to not loose this beautiful template you have selected.)
3. Check The Expand Widget Template.
4. Press CTRL+F keys on the keyword and type "]]>" in the search box appearing after holding those keys.
5. Paste the following CSS code -

border:1px solid #A6B0BF;
color:#000000 }
pre:hover {
border:1px solid #efefef;
code {
color: #000000;}
.clear { clear:both;
The above code will display your HTML & Java Scripts in a display code inside your blog post. You can change the length ,width ,size and color of the box , back ground image etc. by editing the CSS code. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

List Of Ping Services For Your Blog - Make Your Blog Posting Count

Blog Ping Service gives you the advantage to automatically notify blog directories and search engines on the Web that your blog has been updated and that a new post has been published. The more you ping quite often on number of ping tools, the more you will get traffic on your blog from those sources. 
A handful list of Pinging Services available is made available for you:

Why Concerned About Your Blog Not Doing Well? Just Relax!!

When you start a blog, you feel quite excited about it. You expect people coming to your blog and comment on your good work. But sometimes it does not happen with some blog. If your blog too falls in this category, you will feel concerned, quite obvious. 
Here is a quick list you must take care of about your blog:
1. Unique, original and informative contents.
2. Go for Submissions on blog directories and RSS directories.
3. You can also do Article submissions for your blog.
4. Participate in Blog commenting.
5. Socialbooking for each post.
6. Try making as many backlinks for your blog as you can with blogs and websites of your niche.
7. Ping your Blog to -

8. Claim your blog On 
Claiming a blog process is described clearly in one of my posts earlier recently. See Post -
9. Also check your site links in link exchange site it must be dofollow. See post -

How Does A Article Exchange Program Works

In reference to my earlier article on Article Exchange Program, here are some more facts about this program. 
Article EXCHANGE is a very powerful technique/process, yet it is not used commonly due to ignorance or lack of awareness. But the fact is that this program is quite different in nature. It requires some extra effort from the webmaster. To be successful in this Article Exchange Program, one must have a good hand in HTML scriptingand the article must be of good quality i.e. well written on the given topic. The benefit you will get from this is exceptional.
When you write a article on a given topic or a website's business, the other webmaster or site owner will ask for that content from you and he will put the article on his website, and in return you will also put his content/article on your website. You must be wondering about the benefits of this exchange. Quite obvious everyone will wonder. So here is the answer - If a search engine crawler finds the article about your website, increases the value of your website in terms of popularity and other SEO inputs. If it found more of such pages, the value will increase more resulting in increasing the Page Rank of your site.  Google takes it as a self written content about your website onto some other website. Google feels that you have good content on your website and the other website owner finds that good and have praised your website. 
But for this it is also very important that you write original and unique contents. Google/Search Engine loves uniqueness in the content. This will also help you in getting a exchange partner, as every body likes good and original content. So write as many articles with unique content and allow webmaster with similar interest to exchange your article. This will help you getting attention of the Search Engine for sure.
Do this article exchange like you do link exchange with other webmaster. Do not go for any paid programs for this as it will be either a paid service or it will be asking some favour from you in return. So do not enter into more complexities, as this program itself will keep you quite busy. Happy Exchanging !!!!!!!

List Of Some Very Good DoFollow Blogs

As per our earlier discussion on No follow and Do follow Blog, I have searched a list of some really nice blogs with dofollow tags that supports crawlers to access comments made on your blogs. This technique helps you in attracting lots of traffic to your blog as people will visit your site to make comments there. (Please make comments on any site positively, in a polite manner and do not spam links unnecessarily.)
So here is the list for you. Please select the blog of your choice or the blog which falls in your site or blog's category.