Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To Remove Nofollow Attribute From Blog comments On Blogger

Today I tried making comments on my blog more worth. I have removed the nofollow attribute from blog. This will now allow your comments on this blog count by Google. As All Blogger templates have the Nofollow attribute built into their comments. Its good to invite readers to your blog by allowing users to comment on your blog by making their comment worth. This will allow crawlers to crawl your page comments and hence if someone has posted any link there it will be counted as backlink. The Nofollow attribute instructs the search spiders not to follow the link thus preventing the spread of "Google Juice" - as said often in terms of SEO for links generally. 
Removing nofollow attribute will encourage people to comment on your blog once they recognize that links in comments are being followed.
how To Modify Template for removing No follow Attribute
To do this just login to dashboard of your blog >>> click on layouts of your blog >>> click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab >>> First backup your template by clicking on the Download Full Template link >>> Put a check in the Expand Widgets Template Checkbox at the top of the Edit Template text box. This expands the Blog Posts Widget Code within which is the comments code >>> Then scroll down till you come to :

rel='nofollow'. Here is the code:

Get Sticked To Organic SEO - A More Reliable And Long Lasting SEO Method

When I first heard of this term I thought it must be some new technique developed for better SEO. Then I Googled this asked from some people about this and when I found what is it exactly, I found that it is what we are generally doing daily to optimize the site. Organic SEO is getting found on the search engines without paying the search engines for the desired placement(On top of the first search result page), and keep getting found for a long-long time. 
Search Engines have brought a new way to bring your site on top. All you have to do is to pay the desired sum of money to Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. and you are on the top. But as all of us are aware that search engines are meant for showing a search result according to the relevancy of the content for the keyword/phrase searched. So why pay Search Engine to get onto top? Do you feel any need of this? Will you continue to pay heavy sum of money to search engine all your life time for the desired top position? Isn't it will be too costlier when you can get onto the top position just by getting the simple SEO process which lasts for long and it is even much cheaper in comparison to the paid result.
And the main thing amongst all is that if I know that the given result is due to paid service, it will be hard for me to trust that result and I will avoid getting services from that. It is just obvious that your content and services are not up-to mark that you can rank of your own and that the search engines get less notice of your website due to poor quality. As said  - "Natural things are always better and reliable" so does applies for SEO also. If you are appearing of your own naturally, it means there is a greater chance of finding the desired information there. 
Benefits Of Organic SEO Process:
1. The search results are long-lasting 
2. Organic SEO builds greater trust
3. It’s quite cheaper compared to paid listings
Organic SEO Can Be DONE By : 
1. Optimizing your content
2. Spreading your links
3. Including Meta tags and other tag attributes