Friday, May 21, 2010

My Next Post On Hummingbird And My Suggestions For SEO

Hi All!!
Decoding Hummingbird and get your lost position and revenue back. Thinking about what to do as off page activity now after Penguin 2.1 update. My next post will be On Penguin 2.1 update and my suggestions for SEO.  will just try to write something which you can do by the time everyone is wondering what to do as a part of Off Page activity on your clients website. Hope I will be able to help you out somewhat from this panic situation.

Will try to get this next post written in next 12-15 hours.

Finally I have written the next post after 10 hours of promising to write on how to do SEO post October 4th 2013. read the full blog here:

Forum Link Building - A Strong Method For Backlinks

Forums are a very strong way to populate your links on the web. They give a permanent link status as long as the administrator of the Forum does not find you spamming or considers your link and posting a Spam. Links on Forums can be build by signature links. Signature Links will increase your SERP. It also gives your site referral traffic from there as a addon. 
Lets discuss some points of benefits of Forum backlinks.
1. It helps to increase the SERP of your website.
2. It gives you referral traffic from the forum, provided you are linking to the Forum of your own theme. 
3. By Forum we can target and anchor text and deep link.
4. Links posted on forums are ready to cook. They are live instantly(There may be some exceptions also. Some FORUMS Alow comments only when you have meet certain criteria set by the Forum Administrator.)
By seeing these four important points we can now say that Forum have emerged as a great tool for Webmaster for getting backlings and heavy flow of referral traffic too. 
Lets Discuss now some more benefits.
1. Blog Comment Vs Forums Signature Links
2. Author's Bio In Article Vs Forums Signature Links
3. Directory submission Vs Forums Signature Links
Blog Comment Vs Forums Signature Links
In Blogs, The Blog Owner/Author posts some threads. You came across that blog and you find it useful and related to your own blog/website's theme and subjectline. You can make a comment there drop your link too. But as per the observation and research blogs rarely refer the reader to some other links untill and unless the links are posted cleverly in a way to get referrals. But teh fact is that link should always be posted in a way that it can attract the reader from there to your site. The reason why blog do not refer someone to your site is that comment on the blog is meant for praising the author and his thread. 
On the other hand, in a Forum, A Thread is started. Thread in a Forum is usually a discussion on a given topic. You can answer and participate in that and post links of your site when and where necessary referring that your website contains useful information on this subject. You can show that you too have the knowledge and resources in this. And the user is motivated enough by you after reading your reply on the thread that he cannot stop himself from clicking your link or the signature you have posted.
Author's Bio In Article Vs Forums Signature Links
Article also attract huge traffic. A good articles has a ample detail on the topic it is written on. So people generally are satisfied with the details given there. One can hardly click on the links in the Author's Bio to see your webpage. Author 's Bio is only good in populating your links. But yes article are also a good way to get backlinks. But it hardly gives you traffic to your parent site.
But in a Forum, when you are answering a question, reader will find it interesting and will go ahead by clicking on your signature to know more about you and and answer on your site. 
IMPORTANT: Do participate in a forum discussion with link posting only when you have valid and usefull resources on the topic in your site. Otherwise your visitors will bounce back and there is no use attracting visitors and not serving their needs. Also the visitor will be disappointed by your site and will probably never return to your link.
Directory submission Vs Forums Signature Links
Links added in a Web directory are hardly clicked. They are basically meant for the Search Engine Crawlers to count the number of links on the Web. 
Beside this, Forum signature have a advantage over this as it will bring you clicks.