Friday, April 16, 2010

You Have A Brand New Site What To Do Now For Its Optimization

There are many people who make or are planning to make a great sites or blogs etc with very good information in it. But many of us don't know how to get the site indexed in Google, Yahoo, Bing Etc. This blog is intended for those people and many of us to help them with their sites. This will teach you how to popularize your site from very beginning starting from getting a domain to using SEO Tecniques(Basic). These are the steps you can care about for your site:-
1. The first thing is that look for a good URL name for your site so that it contains one of your many keywords about your site's content. And choose that name also for your Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Gmail or any other account. Because we want our site to get indexed as soon as possible on the web. And if possible we can make create these accounts even before the launch of our site/blog. 
2. Select a Good Domain provider like Godaddy. they are very genuine domain providers with a more than million customers. They have a lots of tools built into their service and the best thing is is that they have good customer support. 
3. Avoid using dashes, commas or hyphens etc in your URL name. You think of a good name for your website try getting that nam,e registered as soon as possible. As good names do not wait for you for long, someone else will take that name and you will loose a good domain name which could have boosted your business or product. Good things never wait longer you have to grasp them ASAP if available. 
4. Create good content for your website. Organise your website. Use good HTML codes to make your website. Avoid duplicate contents in your content. Use appropriate tags where ever necessary. Make your webpages light in weight so that it loads up ASAP when the visitor lands on your page else the visitor will skip to some other link for meet their need. Will you like this to happen, I think no body will like this. 
5. Get a Twitter account in the name of your registered domain. Set a link of your website in the Twitter account. Start Twittering. This will help you make ground for you to populate your links. This will help you in getting a place in the organic search result for your website. 
6. Get a Facebook account for your site. Start talking about your site, products and services with your friends. This will make your product public much before you will launch the site. 
7. A Gmail account is most important aswell. A gmail account will help you in doing your sites SEO if you are doing it yourself. As Gmail has great SEO Tools Like Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and it gives you access to many other accounts like You Tube. Also setup a LinkedIn account and put your site's link there. The aim is to set as many links as you can pointing towards your website and remember these links are quality links. 
8. You can opt for a blog of your site on your website domain itself. Keep updating that blog on a regular basis. This will drive huge traffic to your website. If this is not possible then you can also opt for the services of Blogger for your blog. Make the blog URL on Blogger with the same URL that you are owning for your site. This will eventually bring traffic to your primary website. But Dont forget to talk about your product and services and other essential things related to your business in your blog on a regular basis. Search Engines like Fresh content and quality content about or on any subject. Search Engine will give prefrence to that. 
9. Make as many quality link for your site as you can. I will suggest One Way Link building for this through directory submission. Submit your site to as many online directories to your relevant category. Never spam your link, otherwise Google will penalize you for this. 
10. Write a few good article about your site, services and products and submit them to article directories. Submit them to directories with good PR. 
These are the basic things that all of us can do with a little bit Googling and asking from friends and collegues who have some knowledge on this. Follow these steps and your site will certainly get good visibility and quality audience.