Monday, April 5, 2010

Few Quick SEO Tips For Yahoo, Bing & Google Search Engines

Be The Leader - Yahoo, Bing & Google Search Engines

To get well ranked on a search engine is really a dream for all Search Engines Professionals. We all follow the normal techniques for our sites to do well. We all put in that a lot of efforts. If we can organize ourself and follow some simple steps you will get a good response for sure. 
I am writing here some short tips in a organized way - that we all know:

1. Optimize, Organize and Update your website content(do keep in mind to write content only on your website theme, products and services) on a regular basis. Keep in mind your theme and you will have a good content written at the end when you will finish up writing. This content will be loved by the targeted audiences as well as by the search engines too.

2. Track the Meta Title and Meta Description Tags along with other Meta Tags. These tags are very important for your sites to get searched and indexed.  

3. Be sure to add your main keywords(Search Phrases) in the Title and Description Meta Tags. Keep the title and description length as per the specifications.

4. Link Exchange only with quality sites that matches your sites theme and business products. High quality links will attract and persuade your visitors. Visitors will get sticked to your site.

5. Avoid pushing yourself to "Link Farming"!!!. Create quality inbound links through Social Bookmarking, Article Submission, Social Media Platforms like - Facebook, Twitter etc. and Press Releases.

6. Improve your site download times. Sites having slow download times will makes your visitors to bounce to some another site for their need.   

-->What Is Link Farming?

It is a process of exchanging links with websites in order to make good search engine optimization result. The idea is to increase the number of sites that link to your site, because Search Engines loves this. But When you will make this practice into pushing your links Google will penalize you for this and will consider this as SPAM. 

Stick @@@@ quality links only!!!