Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Much Talked About Google Panda Update 3.2

This week every one in the SEO world saw drop in their websites Traffic and also in the Website ranking. After many debates in many forums and blogs, it came that it is the result of Google Panda Update 3.2. But it was said by Google sources that there will be no major Panda update before this coming new year. But after carefully examining the statement, I can figure out that "No major Panda Update", but it was not said that there will be no update.

Definitely it was some kind of Google algorithmic update, if not a Google Panda algorithmic update.

Now there was another question that what was the issue which was considered in this update. Many people are saying that it takes into account the quality of links this time. Those who were relying on paid links and less relevant links on any website, were affected. But what about those who are affected by this update, but they have never made any paid links. Links from social bookmarks, articles, directories and relevant blog comments can not be called bad links at all. But after discussing this update with many of my friends I came to know that those who are doing only  social bookmarks, articles, directories were also affected. Some keywords which were dropped to 7- positions recovered quickly in a few days. BUt those which were dropped to 4th and 5th pages were not showing any progress.

Lets discuss this here in the comments now. I will update more if I can find something significant.  


  1. Hi, i too agree that it has happend, as google change algorithm frequently. However, google nowadys ignoring backlinks

  2. Do you have any idea of the changes and the reason for the rank drop

  3. @Abhineet shukla, actually, Most SEO stuff emphasis on to get more n more backlinks and they creat so much nt high quality backlinks. In recent days, Google algorithm consider such backlinks as bulk. therefore rank getting fall

  4. Rreally, Google were very quick to react to the mass changes within the algorithms and rolled the release back. As soon as Google Panda rolled out, copywriters began studying exactly what was needed.

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