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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Experience Web Designing Services In Greenhat Softech

Welcome To Greenhathat Softech! Your one stop destination for all your Web needs. We the team at Greenhat Softech are a bunch of Experienced IT Professionals, dedicated to serve the clients to help them grow. We are here to Serve you!

Greenhat is a Complete IT hub where you will be severed with all you IT and Web needs like Web-designing, Web-development, SEO Services, It Training, Networking Solutions and AMCs. We have a excellent team to help you with all your needs. We aim to help you grow your business.

We believe that a affordable and expert web designing service provider is the need of the clients who have small business but wanted to grow. So here we are as a

We have a in-house team of Web Designers who have years of industry experience and they are well equipped with all the industry technology and are also aware with the latest web-designing trends. The team has individually and separately served for many business unit and business establishments in the past. They have a lot of clients who are well satisfied by their services. We wish that now with Greenhat Softech, they will continue to work with the same dedication and passion and will serve the clients of Greenhat Softech well.

We promise that we will deliver you the most affordable and the best services in Web Designing in Delhi.

Some SEO Facts To Help Your Site Get Ranked On SEarch Engines

Importance of quality backlinks for your site

Backlink plays  important role in the websites traffic and in maintaining the popularity of your site.

As a SEO  professional we know that Link Building is very essential for SEO practices.

It helps in linking websites links on another site. It is also helpful  in making a good page rank for our site.


Through link popularity we measure the number of links coming into your site as well as the quality of those links. Major Search Engines say that if your website is good enough then it should must be linked with other website of same theme. Search Engines will consider your site as irrelevant if there are no incoming links on your site.

Different search engines have different algorithm factors for link popularity. Some consider the quality of links on your page while other consider the number of links on your webpage.


Page rank varies from 0-10. If a website is having 10 page rank it means that this website is in the top list of  search engines. Google toolbar or several add-ons browsers can be used to see the page rank. According to Google if  a lower ranked page gets a link from a higher ranked page then that link will count more than those of lower ranked webpage. If  your webpage has 1 page  rank then it means  that your webpage has some powers. Page rank of 3,,5 is considered good enough for any website.·


The area to focus in case of internal linking structure is the title as well as the header tag. As in this case we are trying to link stronger page to weaker pages in our site. These tags are those tags that can be used at the end of your link in HTMl codes. This conserves your link authority and can apply it to the link where we want  to pass authority.                             

We at Rendering Digital are bound to follow strict SEO rules to get your site into Search Engine Ranking to help you achieve higher ranking.