Monday, April 19, 2010

Get A FeedBurner Account for Your Blog Today

If you dont have a FeedBurner Account for your blog this is the guide that will guide you to install or set up one for you. 
Step By Step Method To Get FeedBurner : 
Since FeedBurner is owned by Google, you need to have a Google email account. Sign up for a free, This is simple and fast.
Go to FeedBurner and sign in with your new Google email account.
After you've signed in, you will see "Burn a Feed right this instant", just type in your blog URL, and click NEXT
It will take you to another page where you can see your Feed Title, and your Feed Address. If everything is correct and you 're happy, then click NEXT
Now you are on another page, read over it carefully! Don't worry; it is a short summary telling you that your Feed is now live! Click Next
You're now on yet another page, read over it! I usually leave this page alone and just click NEXT
Now you are in your Feed account homepage, click on PUBLICIZE tab
On your left side bar, click on Email Subscription, and click on ACTIVATE
On this page you will find the codes for your blog, copy these codes, and go to your blog layout.
Choose where you want to place this widget on your blog, click on Add Element, click on HTML/Javascript, and paste the codes onto its element. Make sure to save your work!
To offer subscription via readers, go to your FeedBurner, click on PUBLICIZE, click on Chicklet Chooser on the left side bar, and it will take you to another page.
You can either pick what readers you would want to offer to your viewers, or just use FeedBurner standard icon, and scroll down to the bottom to get your codes.
Copy and paste these codes to your blog in the same manner as you've done with the email subscription.
Your blog is now ready for subscribers! Once you have FeedBurner feed, you can also earn Google adsense for your feed. 
Many services such as Technorati, NetWorkedBlog, or Amazon Kindle Publishing will ask for this feed, and you can provide them with your blog feed from FeedBurner. 
If you have more than one blog, repeat these same steps for each blog! 

10 Bing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

As Bing has emerged as a great Search Engine in the queue of Google, Yahoo and many other Search Engines, people specially Webmasters wants to know more about it as how to improve their sites ranking and position on BING. Bing is very much the same like Google and Yahoo but it has some different kind of algo and methodologies follwed like any other. As every search engine follows some different kind of working methodology. Here are some steps you will love to follow for your site to rank on Bing:
Tip 1: Web Page Title
It is very important that your page title contains the key words that would summarize the contents of your page and you are focussing to target on for the audience. 
Tip 2: Your Web Domain Age
Bing loves websites with older domains. The earlier you register/create your domain, the better Bing will know and rank you website. So if you are looking into developing a new website, it would be best to purchase or use an older domain.
Tip 3: The right Text and The Right Measure For It
Bing appears to give pages with 300 – 500 words with higher rankings. Unlike Google, Yahoo, or Cuil, Bing focus more on the relevance of the page title to the contents on the page.
Tip 4: A lot of Quality Links
Build as many quality back links to your website as possible. However, a good link is sometimes better than 100 regular links and a bad link will actually lower your rankings. So be sure that the links to your page are strongly relevant to your websites contents.
Tip 5: Static Links Are Better
Is best to keep all your URLs static and simple. A static URL is easier to bookmark and easier to index for search engine especially BING.
Tip 6: Linking To Other Web Pages
In contrast to Google, Bing does not penalize your page rankings if you create a link to a page outside of your website. 
You can still have external links while not get penalized. All you have to do is to add rel=”nofollow” in all your link tags.
EX: ‹a href=”samplelink.html” rel=”nofollow” >
Tip 7: Be Friendly To The Bing Crawlers
Be sure to have a “robots.txt” file in your main directory that allows the MSNBot to crawl your site. You should also prevent web crawlers from crawling specific files and folders.
Tip 8: Organized HTML Coding Style
Bing likes web pages that are designed and coded according to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. This means that you should design web pages with well-formed HTML tags & codes, be sure that your page does no have any unclosed tags or broken links. You can use the W3C validation service to test your page for optimum Bing result.
Tip 9: Update Your Page Status Regularly
If a page from your website is removed or changed to a different URL location, then you need to redirect your visitors to that new web page.
Tip 10: Protect Your Users
Your web site should not lead visitors to unwanted malware or third-party websites that contain malicious contents or contents that are unrelated to your page.
Some more useful Bing Optimization tips:
1. Register your website at Bing Webmaster. This way you can see the full report/analysis of your website on Bing.
2. Adding rel=nofollow in your link tags will prevent link juice leakage and prevent search engine link penalization.
    EX: ‹a href=”samplelink.html” rel=”nofollow” >
3. Bing Site Submission:
Hope you will get your site be able to rank and indexed on Bing now keeping in mind the points that I have mentioned in this post. 

Explaining Twitter And The Tweets

Many of my friends often wonder the use and importance of Twitter. They say - "What is this Twitter all about?"That is the reply I get most often when I talk about Twitter to friends and family.  And when I explain them the way how Twitter operates, they ask, "Why would anyone use Twitter for blogging and other purpose when you dont have a separate inbox etc and everything here is public?"
Twitter is a Mini Blog
Twitter is a mini update usually containing 140 characters. It is a popular features of social networks where you can update your status.
It is a kind of mini blogging, for people who want to blog but don't want to blog on platforms like blogger etc. A personal blog can keep people informed on what is going on in your life and in and around you, but not everyone has the time to spend an hour crafting a beautiful post about them or what they think. Sometimes, you just want to say "I am not feeling well today" or "I want to see Sachin Tendulkar winning for Mumbai Indians In IPL3."
So what is Twitter? It's a great place for keeping people informed on what you are up to without the need to spend a lot of time creating an entire post on any topic you want to speak your mind on.
Twitter is Social Messaging: - While Twitter was started as a mini-blogging service, it is grown into much more than simply a tool to type in quick personal status updates. So when asked "What is Twitter?", I often describe it as a "cross product of blogging and instant messaging" to describe it roughly in plain and simple language.
At Twitter - social messaging you can follow people and have followers, and even you can have Twitter on your cell phone and interact with people whenever you like. Twitter has become the perfect social messaging tool. Whether you are out on the town and want to connect with a group of people , or keeping people informed of developments at the event or task you are out for, Twitter is a great tool for quickly communicating a message to a group of people.
Twitter is also emerging as a media to comment on world activities i.e. you can speak your mind on persons, politics, event etc.
Twitter is News Reporting : - Turn on CNN, BBC or any other news-reporting service and you'll be able to see whats going on in the world around and you can also see your favourite media person's comments and opinion on that particular event.
With utilities like Twitterfeed, it is easy to get an RSS feed converted into Twitter updates. This makes it easy to use Twitter as a form of social media marketing. This is also a strong SEO Tool nowadays. There are tools which can post any webcontent on Twitter in the form of short hybrid URLs. A example of this URL is - You cannont predict from this URL what is inside this URL.
After discussing so many things we are now in a situation to say exactly what Twitter is. It is many different things to many different people. It can be used by a family or group or friends to keep in touch, or a company to coordinate business, or the media to keep people informed or a writer to build up a fan base. Twitter is micro/mini-blogging. It is social messaging medium, a business tool, a news reporting service and a marketing utility in SEO.
I hope my friends will read this post to whom Twitter was not clear as to what it is actually. So start twittering about your own status to your friends and group you are associated with and you want them to be in touch with you.

Twitter Widgets

Twitter is the new Buzz for Tech Savvy personel involved in Web2.0 and Blogging. A Twitter widget with latest updates is a integrated part of Blogs these days. Most of the Twitter widgets on Blog are either Flash based or Javascript based. There are many other tools that can be used in creating a Twitter Widget. You can even use Google Spreadsheets for the purpose of creating Twitter Widgets. The most exciting and interesting thing is that twitter updates can be shown on blogs and images. And these images can be used anywhere be it forums, blogs, websites, or any other Social Media Profile.

1. Tweetsnap ( - When you open up tweetsnap, you will see a simple page with a field to enter your twitter username. After you enter your name and hit the Find button, you'll see your most recent tweet on a nice bluish Twitter widget that is in image format (png). Below it, you'll find snippets of code to copy and paste on your site. Just copy what's desirable for you and use it on your blog, forum etc.
2. Retweet Button : - Move over Digg, there's a new article badge in town. Retweet buttons are becoming increasingly popular for blogs and news articles, and they are relatively simple to install. You can put these buttons on your website, blog, embed them in email or even put them in your RSS feed.
3. Twoxit Widget : - This simple Twitter widget from Widgetbox is easily customizable, so you can match the background to your blog. You can also easily transport the widget to Facebook, MySpace  or any number of social networking profiles or blogging networks like WordPress or Blogger.
4. SayTweet ( - It first asks you to upload one of your images. You can also add a group photo of you and your friends. This amazing tool lets you add your Twitter update on this image in speech bubbles. The unique feature of this is that you can add multiple Twitter usernames and show tweets from everyone. I think it's the coolest way to display tweets.