Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing Strategy Effectively

People often wonder nowadays about the Social Media Marketing Strategy . The general questions that are in mind always are:
>>How to start social media marketing campaign?
>>What’s the plan & strategy behind social media?
>>What are the goals for Social Media Marketing?
>>How much time it will take to display the results?
>>And what are the risks behind Social Media?
To answer these questions the best way will be to Social Media as - 

>>The most effective way of getting netizens attention and to reach online people.
>>People tend to take part in online conversations and are happy to communicate with brands. >>The information found on the Social Web can be quite interesting and quite informative when applied to a business. Social Media Marketing Plan Steps:1. Start with the Goals:Increase brand awarenessBuild authorityLearn more about your target audienceGain inbound linksEducate and inform your customersImprove customer serviceMaintain and manage your brand reputationReach new channels of customers through new channels.Create direct connection between customer & the company2. Create a Strategy Based on Research:Find if your target audience is onlineFind out the successes and failures of other social media campaignsCreate real timeline for the campaignAlways measure the results.3. Follow these steps:>>>Methods:Write/Read a blogShare a Photo, VideoBookmark a WebPagePost a Question OR Start a PollGive replies to asked questions OR participate into other’s PollAdd a CommentWrite a reviewSubscribe to a Website>>>Community:Most social media strategies are based on the community and how you will connect with the people you want to bring around your business.>>>Neighbors:Reach out to others like friends of your friends in your community, comment, and share.>>>Attention:Try building awareness and encourage relationships with the media i.e. the community you are in and with the medium i.e. the Social Media.>>>Measurement:Reader commentsRSS SubscribersTwitter FollowersFacebook FansDiggsLinksVisitsSearch ResultsPodcast SubscribersStumbles>>>Risks:People talk about you in a bad way thats the risk in this. Try not to hurt anyone.

As this is a growing trend and field so you will get to read more on this in later posts. Keep waiting

SEO Tips & Guide For Mobile Website - A New Buzz Around

Have you heard about SEO for mobile sites. This is a buzz around for some time now. SEO for mobile websites is very popular these days. This is important as we can now have access to these website anywhere anytime to solve our different kinds of problems.Like we need to find a a bike mechanic or you want a food outlet nearby some highway as you are out from the city at some lonely distant place or you are in the country side. So finding these services is only possible through your mobile as you are not having any laptop there. Mobile SEO can be useful through Google Maps and other local SEO techniques to get Google rankings. These short services are a boon at times. E-Commerce solutions and services are also getting benefited from the mobile SEO services for purchasing their needs like booking some ticket for a Music Show of your favourite musician  you just got to know about. 
Google take this thing into account for mobile industry and then they allowed Adwords campaign on mobile devices. Here comes the "Mobile Keyword Tool" from Google.
With this "Mobile Keyword Tool" from Google you will get keyword suggestion for Mobiles. You just have to have the Keyword Tool from any mobile-only ad group and you will get mobile specific results from Google. At present there is no mobile suggestions available in standalone version of the tool so you have to login into your account directly. 
Factors that need to take care of in Mobile Website SEO Process:

1. Apply general on-site optimization techniques: Certainly SEO for mobile website will be different than a general website but you can apply few basic general website techniques to your site. Use all the SEO “on-page optimization” practices that you know: 
a. Title tag optimization
b. Meta tag Optimization
c.Uses of heading tags
d. URL Optimization & Anchor Optimization
2. Ensure you key content is placed in the top part of the page as the users and bots will find it a lot easier there.

3. Your website should allow crawl by Mobile search engines. Here’s the list of mobile search engines:
4. Submit your website to Yahoo Site Explorer Mobile Submit page. Here it’s:

5. See how your website is opening in mobile browser:
6. Accessibility: In order for a site to work on a wireless device, it must be compatible to website accessibility guidelines, as set out by the W3C
7. Maximum total page size recommended is 20 kilobytes.
8. Use Valid XHTML Coding: WML is the specific language for mobile users but is XHTML is widely used so here are the tips for XHTML. Mobile search engines have more trouble in accessing the webpage if there is invalid code. So avoid the risk of not opening the website later on by validate the webpage. You can validate through W3C Validator. Character encoding should be UTF-8 there. You have very limited screen, about 2×3 inches or so consider the size in mind for the total web page to display all the content. If you are going to launch a e-commerce site, consider creating an m-commerce site (mobile site). Remove Flash, Java and any plug-in content unless necessary. Do not opt for advertising as you already have limited screen space.
All images should be striped out, unless they are must for your site.

9. Optimize for Local Searchensuring that your site is well optimized for local search, means that people should be able to find you when they are looking for local resources.  Update your profile and include links to your mobile site (if you have one) and make it easy for users to find your business. As gone are the days for yellow pages or other classified sites with the launch of Mobile sites.