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SEO Trends Which You Need To Take Seriously In 2011

SEO is one of those areas of online activity which evolves at a speed faster than the relatively easy-going dog years in which time on the web is measured. The cat-and-mouse game which is the norm between search engine optimizers and website owners has accelerated to the point where time is measured in stoat years (which means the ratio has gone from being 1:7 to being 1:32) and this makes it all the more important to be able to look and plan ahead.

But there are still trends you need to keep your eye on and adapt what you are doing to their ever changing importance.

1) Personalized search is only going to grow: On the web immediacy and customization spell out addiction which means that personalized search is a trend which will only get bigger and, inevitably, it will have an impact on SEO. Personalization (a Google and BING staple now) basically throws up a virtual ‘fence’ around the end-user which makes it harder to sites which do not have a solid pedigree to break through. This means that search now favors established websites, branded websites and websites which rely on social network recommendations in order to break through.

2)It’s a two search engine world: The convergence of the Yahoo/BING search has created a two-tiered world in search engines. Google continues to deliver the lion’s share of search results with a nearly 68% share in the US over June 2010 (according to Comscore) which means that worldwide Google continues to be well over the 80% mark. If you are optimizing your site Google is the one to aim for and since they are the market leader anything which works on them will work equally well (if not better) for the Yahoo/BING combination.

3) SEO spend will increase: This is a natural result of both personalized search (see trend #1) and the explosion of social media marketing (see search #4)each of which are taking search away from the automatic semantic web indexing which was the indication at the beginning of 2010 and are now making it an integral part of online marketing and online promotion. This means that unless you are lucky enough to have read and taken heed of SEO Help you really need an expert SEO who will do all the work for you and get your website performing the way it should.

4)Social marketing: Unless your website is on Facebook and Twitter and you are getting mentioned and your URL is passed around in the blogosphere, your company brand is (in the eyes of the search engines) going into a decline. This means that in terms of online presence you really need to have a clearly worked out, sustained and sustainable online marketing strategy which is designed to give you the kind of social marketing presence that will help your brand and search engine positioning.

5) The impact of the real time web is on the increase: Whether you Twitter or use the Facebook news stream or go in for live messaging the fact remains that real time marketing and even real time ecommerce are beginning to create an impact. From a web development point of view this is the next natural step. The web enamored us light years ago with flashing backgrounds and twinkling stars and has enamored us, every fast-paced year of growth since, with its ability to provide more and more interaction and connectivity. We are no longer content to spend money online, make a purchase and have to wait for a week before the goods arrive, nor do we want to send an email and have to wait three days to get a reply. Unless you have worked the real time web into your marketing you will only be repeating what everyone else is doing right now.

6) Twitter is more than just a microblogging site: The instant messaging and retweeting capability offered by Twitter make it perfect as a research and prediction tool. Used properly it can allow you to find out what your competitors are doing and which topics are trending, both vital for the development of a coherent online strategy designed to allow you to actually get somewhere with your website.

7) More online queries will result in less traffic for websites: This sounds a little oxymoronic but it’s not. Time continues to be at a premium and online we are driven to do things faster and faster. This is one of the reasons Google and Yahoo/BING try to answer queries straight from the search engine query box, making their sites faster and stickier. The result is that when you create content which answers specific questions succinctly the chances are that that content will answer a query straight out of the search engine query box rather than get visitors to your site. This then puts the pressure on you to create content which is more complicated, delivers real value as opposed to a two-sentence fluff you can get anywhere on the web and which truly engages the online visitor.

8) Focus on conversion targets as well as numbers: SEO has always been about building traffic to a website. The new breed of search engine optimizers however aims on building traffic which is far more targeted than before and the conversion rate as well as ROI ought to be higher. This is a trend which will only become more and more important as virtual fences begin to go up and the pool of potential customers you fish in will only get better.

Provided you factor in all this in your online marketing strategy there is no real reason 2011 does not turn out to be a great year for you and your online business.
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Experience Web Designing Services In Greenhat Softech

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We believe that a affordable and expert web designing service provider is the need of the clients who have small business but wanted to grow. So here we are as a

We have a in-house team of Web Designers who have years of industry experience and they are well equipped with all the industry technology and are also aware with the latest web-designing trends. The team has individually and separately served for many business unit and business establishments in the past. They have a lot of clients who are well satisfied by their services. We wish that now with Greenhat Softech, they will continue to work with the same dedication and passion and will serve the clients of Greenhat Softech well.

We promise that we will deliver you the most affordable and the best services in Web Designing in Delhi.

Some SEO Facts To Help Your Site Get Ranked On SEarch Engines

Importance of quality backlinks for your site

Backlink plays  important role in the websites traffic and in maintaining the popularity of your site.

As a SEO  professional we know that Link Building is very essential for SEO practices.

It helps in linking websites links on another site. It is also helpful  in making a good page rank for our site.


Through link popularity we measure the number of links coming into your site as well as the quality of those links. Major Search Engines say that if your website is good enough then it should must be linked with other website of same theme. Search Engines will consider your site as irrelevant if there are no incoming links on your site.

Different search engines have different algorithm factors for link popularity. Some consider the quality of links on your page while other consider the number of links on your webpage.


Page rank varies from 0-10. If a website is having 10 page rank it means that this website is in the top list of  search engines. Google toolbar or several add-ons browsers can be used to see the page rank. According to Google if  a lower ranked page gets a link from a higher ranked page then that link will count more than those of lower ranked webpage. If  your webpage has 1 page  rank then it means  that your webpage has some powers. Page rank of 3,,5 is considered good enough for any website.·


The area to focus in case of internal linking structure is the title as well as the header tag. As in this case we are trying to link stronger page to weaker pages in our site. These tags are those tags that can be used at the end of your link in HTMl codes. This conserves your link authority and can apply it to the link where we want  to pass authority.                             

We at Rendering Digital are bound to follow strict SEO rules to get your site into Search Engine Ranking to help you achieve higher ranking.

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The Most Successful SEO Techniques In 2010 - Simplified

The Most  Successful SEO Techniques In 2010

SEO Techniques in not something very much hard, impossible task. Its all about performing some very tricky trends of SEO that are very much the basics of SEO. The main thing that employs a SEO is that the Client want a targeted Website traffic with a goal and intention to increase their sales and also to increase brand awareness.

ofcourse the website needs some very good product display, graphics and very high quality webdesigning skills and work so that the customers will like the clients products. But still if the client needs better output from the website the most important thing is that the Web Designer should be in touch with the SEO specialist at the time of finalizing the website.In this way the results for the clients can be outstanding.

An effective website optimization drive let the search engine index a site and to come on top on the most important keywords that bring client who can be prospective buyers. For that you need to know the basics as well as the awareness about the latest techniques employed is also as important as anything. The other very important thing to know is that you must understand the nature and  key factors of the targeted market sector. s you can let you client be on top on the sales term by targtting keywords if you know and understand what others do and what they are doing.

The other very important spect should be for a SEO Professional that he must have the target to bring traffic from HUMAN VISITORS. Yes, Human Visitors as they are the one who can be the customer for the client. That is, they can increase the conversion rate for the client. For this thing the most important thing is the content of the website in each and every section. Yes the content is always the king and it will remain the king for long. The content should be fresh, unique, informative and relevant to the search query.So the content for  SEO is very important factor. The quality content lets the natural visitors find you in the search engine.

Now talking about the SEO techniques there are both good and bad SEO techniques. But the bd ones should not be employed at ny cost and should be avoided. Bad techniques are like use of Hidden Texts, Optimization of Irrelvant Keyword phrases, Link farming, Linking site with not so or not t ll relevant theme sites, keyword stuffing etc. These techniques are very bad in  terms of  clients business and conversion rate. But applying these techniques cn lead to ban from from the Search Engine Index. So its very important to select the best SEO Service available nd not the cheapest service available.

A SEO also must be ware of the market trends, and he must also work on analysing the competitors strategy, The consumers mind, and he must do extensive research on the keywords to optimize. So the SEO Specialist's service cn also be called as that he is an Integral part of the Internet Marketing Team.

The main factors that are the basis of  SEO project are:

1. Domain Name: Domain name should be one of the keyword related to the business and tht should be very important. Try selecting a domain name (keyword based without ny hyphen.)

2. Domain Extension: If business is global use .com, .net, etc, and if it is country specific use, .nz, etc. according to the country of your living.

3. Hosting: Hosting in the country where you focus to target your business is also a good aspect.

4. Url Names: Choose the nme of different pages according to relevnt keywords.

5. Robots.txt File: Robot.txt file help permiting or denying access to crawlers to crawl through your site pages.

6. Navigation: It must be the simplest

7. Meta Tags: Its one of the important spect nd a part of on page SEO Technique. It includes a Title, Description nd keywords. Though keywords are now less counted by some search engines. It should be unique for each different pages.

8. H1 Tags: Use this for the short on page content description. H2 and H3 Tags- Use for Headings for sub category's within the Content.

9. Internal Keyword Link Strategy: Use targeted keywords of your site to link between pages of the site.

10. Image Alt Tags: Helps with Accessibility.

11. The site should confirm to the W3C standards.

12. Site: Create and submit sitemap's - formatted in either .xml -.htm - .txt.

13. RSS Feed: Create and submit RSS feeds to relevant feed directory's

14. Article Submission: Create and submit Articles

15. Link Building: Find relevant websites within the same market sector or niche and form a link partnership. A link exchange should be made by utilising relevant keyword Anchor Text.

16. Relevant Directory Submission: Submit your website to relevant or industry related directory's.

17. Social Media: Utilise relevant Social Networks and Forums related to your Market Sector.

18. Blogs: Utilise Blog sites relevant to your Market Sector. Try To post blogs on your market sectors keeping in mind your website.

19. Try linking your website with .org, .gov and .edu sites. Linking with these site gives your link high value in comparision to other sites.

The above factors are proven SEO Techniques, that will help increase targeted traffic from achieving good or high ranking search engine positions. Following these steps effectively will lead to traffic for your website and increasing your clients business.

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Our Affordable & Effective SEO Price Page

SEO Plan Per Month

Search Engine Optimization Plan Details
Directory Submission   >>>>>>500
Social BookMarking  >>>>>>>50
Articiles Submission  >>>>>>>>50
Press Release  >>>>>>>>>>>>No
Blog Commenting/Commenting >20
Keyword Research  >>>>>>>>Yes
On Page / Off Page  >>>>>>>>Yes
XML Sitemap Generation  >>>>Yes
Code Optimization  >>>>>>>>>Yes
Link Exchange Request  >>>>>>50
SMO- face book, Twitter  >>>> No
Video Submission >>>>>>>>>>No
Local Maps  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yes
Local Maps Marketing  >>>>>>>No
Forum Posting >>>>>>>>>>>>Yes(5)
Affiliate Marketing >>>>>>>>>>No
Email Marketing  >>>>>>>>>>>No
Internet Promotional Plan  >>>>>No
(For More Links Extra Charges Apply)                                                 Total Cost $100


Internet Marketing Plan Details
Directory Submission  >>>>>>>>1000
Social BookMarking  >>>>>>>>200
Articiles Submission  >>>>>>>>>400
Press Release  >>>>>>>>>>>>>Yes
Blog Commenting/Commenting >>>50
Keyword Research >>>>>>>>>>Yes
On Page / Off Page >>>>>>>>>>Yes
XML Sitemap Generation >>>>>>Yes
Code Optimization >>>>>>>>>>>Yes
Link Exchange Request >>>>>>>>>200
SMO- face book, Twitter >>>>>>>Yes
Video Submission >>>>>>>>>>>>Yes
Local Maps >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>No
Local Maps Marketing >>>>>>>>>>Yes
Forum Posting >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yes (15)
Affiliate Marketing  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yes
Email Marketing  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yes
Internet Promotional Plan >>>>>>>>>>>Yes
(For More Links Extra Charges Apply)                                                         Total Cost $200

Link Building Plans

One Way Link Building
Google PR             Links             Cost
Google PR 0             1 Links                $2
Google PR 1             1 Links                $3
Google PR 2             1 Links                $7
Google PR 3             1 Links                $20
Google PR 4             1 Links                $30

PR Links Plan (Cost of 25 Links)
Google PR Links Cost
Google PR 1            25 Links               $99
Google PR 2            25 Links               $129
Google PR 3            25 Links               $149
Google PR 4            25 Links               $179
Google PR 5            25 Links               $199

PR Links Plan (Cost of 50 Links)
Google PR Links Cost
Google PR 1          50 Links                   $149
Google PR 2          50 Links                   $249
Google PR 3          50 Links                    $279
Google PR 4          50 Links                    $349
Google PR 5           50 Links                   $399

PR Links Plan (Cost of 75 Links)
Google PR              Links                         Cost
Google PR 1          75 Links                     $299
Google PR 2          75 Links                     $449
Google PR 3          75 Links                     $599
Google PR 4           75 Links                     $749
Google PR 5           75 Links                     $899

PR Links Plan (Cost of 100 Links)
Google PR                  Links                         Cost
Google PR 1                  100 Links                $349
Google PR 2                  100 Links                $559
Google PR 3                  100 Links                $759
Google PR 4                  100 Links                $949
Google PR 5                  100 Links                $1,159

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What Is Keyword Research? How To Do It?

What Is Keyword Research? How To Do It?

Keyword Reserch is a term used by the SEO Professionals to find and search actual terms people type to get some desired result from the web. Keyword research is a very important aspect of your search engine optimization campaign. If your site is targeting the wrong keywords on the search engines then your customers may never find you.
If you want to stay competitive in the market to have good business, you can't afford to do that with silly keywords.

The keyword research process can be done by various tools like:
Google AdWords Keyword Tool:
Google Suggest:

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List 3 Of Very Good High PR Forums- Make BackLinks

Free Forum List 3 With High PR For Making Good Back links Through Forum Signature

As promised to my blog readers I am here again to present you my next list of Forum Links with very good Page Rank(PR). Read the forum rules carefully, know the posting rules. Fulfill the criteria required for the Signature Links. This way you are going to post your link with each post once your Signature is accepted.
Never do any personal attack on Forums, else you are bothering other Forum members and the moderators and administrators of the Forum.

Here Goes The List 3 Of Very Good High PR Forums- Make BackLinks:-


22. >>>>> You Can Make a profile here and Comment



Find The List Of Previous Links: 

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EPIC - Web Browser Developed By India For Indians

EPIC - Web Browser Developed By India For Indians

Here comes another reason to celebrate for the Indians as we have developed a Browser Called EPIC. The browser is first of its kind in the world which is specially designed to support 12 Indian languages including Hindi, Nepali, Bangla, Marathi, and Punjabi etc.
It is also the first browser to be anti-virus enabled. It is completely secure, fast to browse and download, provides complete privacy to count a few of the features provided.
It has complete Indian look with a count of around 1500 themes from India to give it a complete Indian look and feel.
Click This Link To Go to Download the EPIC.
Download EPIC

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What Is Keyword Proximity?

What Is Keyword Proximity?

"Keyword Proximity" refers to the closeness between two or more keywords. The closer the keywords are the better it will be for the SEO Ranking of the keywords.
Keyword Proximity is the fine combination of keywords of keyword density and the prominence of that keyword in the whole content which is to be optimized. So proximity looks at the location of the keyword in the sentence and how often it's being used in that sentence and also takes into account the distance between them.
Proximity is difficult to calculate when two or more keywords are used as keyword combination. Especially when the keywords are not close together.
Keyword proximity considerations should include the proximity of keyword or keyword phrases to other keyword occurrences within the page, as well as the top of the page. After all, the top of the page usually tells you what you are there to read about.

How Proximity Of Keywords is useful for Seo Ranking?
Ofcourse to get high rankings on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo a good proximity does help, but it's not everything. We all know that very well.
And as every small steps make a giant Google position, it has its added usefulness and advantage.
The usefullness raises higher when is't also taking into account the weight of words in HTML elements like "Title".
or .
For example:

How Keyword Proximity Affects Search Engine Rankings.

How Keyword Proximity Affects Rankings In Search Engine.

Using the example above, if someone searched for "search engine rankings," a web page containing the first sentence is more likely to rank higher than the second.
The reason is because the keywords are placed closer together. This is assuming that everything else is equal, of course.

Lets discuss one more thing in this post which is very much related to Keyword Proximity and that is
"Keyword Prominence".
Keyword Prominence:-
Keyword prominence refers to how prominent keywords are within a web page.
The general recommendation is to place important keywords at, or near, the start of a web page, sentence, TITLE or META tag.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Google Bot Back In Business After Very Slow Activities In The Past Fort Night

Google Bot Back In Business After Very Slow Activities In The Past Fort Night

I usully take my blogs seriously and use to monitor its crawl rates etc by google. My blog Seo-Trends-tricks was not showing crawled by Google since 2nd June 2010. And I had posted a few posts on my blog. I check the individual urls of the posts posted after 2nd of june. I found it was again crawled on 4th june. But this new result ws not being shown SERP. Then I found people talking about Google Crawlers slow crawling rate. Now to my pleasure I found that it is showing 18th june the last crawled date. And it is still the last date showing.
I have found a chart showing activity of the Google Bot activity in the last 90 days. Here is the chart to have a brief idea.

I visited Google Webmaster Help and found that many webmasters around the globe are having this problem from Google Bot. So I am wondering whether this is due to Caffeine? But I am not very sure about it. It may be that it is due to some sort of Malware Misclassifiction issue, and google stops crawling sites untill it is de bugged. But still its just my assumption as there is nothing official about it. Lets hope that Google Bots are hungry again like before and will eat up more and more pages like before.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

List Of Free Directory Submission Websites List 2

List Of Free Directory Submission Websites List 2

Hello Friends I am going to introduce a new thing in my blog today. This is to provide you with a list of good Directory submission sites. These sites are of very good having zero and more PR. These sites approve the sites quickly. So start submitting now here is the List 2nd:

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What Is Ballpark SEO?

What Is Ballpark SEO?

By Ballpark SEO, we mean SEO Prices and Quotes. 
Suppose you want to make a proposal for an SEO project for a client, you approach him with some quotes along with some other required details(your achievements earlier, etc). So while sending the quotation you need to send the quote in such a way that it is nearer to the reality(don't mention that we will get you results in 1month/1week, etc, if you mention so, you need to show him with some proof of work which provided such results earlier).
So Ballpark SEO means quoting something which is near to the range or its scope for SEO.
A ballpark SEO is a more or less approach and a very rough calculation, for a SEO project. If a cost or amount is measured in the ballpark, then it is within the range that the person asking for the estimate expected, which can be a helpful decision making tool. We can use the ballpark SEO to decide whether a project is worth pursuing or not based on the rough measurements and general estimates. 
Search Engine Optimization ranges are quite broad. Factors to consider are the size of the site, the number of keywords you want to optomize for and the number of pages within you site that you want to optimize.
Many people fail to realize the search engine optimization is not about optimizing websites its about optimizing webpages in a website.
"If your planning at starting an SEO campaign ensure that you choose a well reputed and qualified company or consultant. In the long run, paying a little bit more for a quality consultant will be worth it!."

How You Can Add Your Site To Bing Webmaster Tools To Get Site Information

How You Can Add Your Site To Bing Webmaster Tools To Get Site Information

Bing has emerged as a very powerful Search Engine by the time is has been launched. Bing has included a feature called  Bing Webmaster Tools. By this tool you can track your sites performance on BING. The steps to do this is discussed below:
1. Go to and login with your live id. 
2. Look for "Submit a site to Bing" On the page that appears. 
3. Enter the URL of your Website and fill up the word verification CAPTCHA and Submit URL. 
And You Are Done. 

Another tool for your site on BING is - Webmaster Center
Enter Webmaster Center with the following link:
Click on Add a Site>>
Fill up the form and Click Submit>>
And add the code given in your site under
and Go for the verification. And your site will be included in the Bing Search Engine.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Having More Quality Backlinks For Your Site Is Very Important??

Why Having More Quality Backlinks For Your Site Is Very Important??

"Backlinks Play Important Part In Your Websites Traffic & Popularity On The Web"
As we know being a SEO Professional, that Link Building is a very integral part of our business. Link Building make a website's inlinks on to another site and it leads to referrals traffic from there. Over all it help in getting good PR (Page Rank) for our site. 
So lets discuss about some general link building trends, techniques and terms which take part in the overall process. 
1. Link Popularity
Link popularity is a measurement of all the links coming into your site (or backlinks), as well as a measure of the quality of those links. According to the major search engines, if your website is good it should be linked to other website of the same theme like your website. If you have no incoming links from another sites, Search Engines think your website is of little relevance. The more links you have, the more “votes” you have on how popular your site is. Thus, the act of link building can be likened to campaigning.
All search engines factor link popularity into their algorithms, but they calculate it differently. As a general rule, Google is more interested in the quality of the links, while Yahoo is more interested in the total number of links to your site.
2. PageRank
Google uses PageRank to determine the quality of a given site measured on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the highest. To see this number, you can install the Google Toolbar or use any of several browser add-ons. From Google’s point of view, having one link from a site that has a large PageRank counts more than many sites that have a lower rank. A page that Google has already rewarded with a decent PageRank (or PR for short) is sometimes called an authority page. Once you have a PR of 1, your site has some power. When your pages achieve a PR of 3, 4, or 5, you have “link juice” to pass on to other pages.
3. On-site SEO
The allocation of PageRank from one page to another within your site is sometimes called on-site SEO. An advanced form of the discipline is known as “PageRank siloing,” or “PageRank sculpting.” If you have a Web page with good PR, you can use that page to get other pages higher in the search engine rankings for specific keyword phrases.
NOTE -- We will discuss "PageRank siloing" & "Page Rank Sculpting" in a another post in detail. 
While off-site optimization plays a larger role in gaining natural organic traffic, you can still see between 20 and 30 percent boosts in rankings by properly optimizing your pages with on-page factors. 
4. Internal Linking Structure
Start with your title and header tags. The area to focus on is your internal linking structure. Basically, you want to link stronger pages to weaker pages of your site.
This concept of getting backlinks to a page internally is sometimes overshadowed by trying to acquire backlinks from external pages. Why not use the same concept and apply it to your internal linking structure and reap the rewards?
5. Nofollow Tag
Now, let’s say you have a shopping cart or link on your site that leads to a page that you don’t care to send link juice to. You can add a nofollow tag to the end of the link in your HTML code. This conserves your link authority and applies it to the links where you want to pass authority. A link using the nofollow tag looks like this: a no-followed link

Monday, June 14, 2010

How Much Time Yahoo Search Engine Takes To Crawl Your Wepages??

How much time yahoo search engine takes to crawl your wepages?

I have always noticed that Yahoo crawls less often to any web content than other Search Engines. Googles crawls faster. This makes Google more special for a website or blog. So the question is does Yahoo sets a time period for visiting a webpage. And what I found was that yes Yahoo Bot crawls a bit slower but it crawls regularly. 
A solution for this might be that you should bookmark your site on yahoo. 
But for some sites yahoo does better than Google and MSN. Some factors that may affect the crawl rate of your website are:
1. Server Response Time.
The better is the Server response time of your website the faster the crawlers will love to visit your site. Otherwise the crawlers will leave your page to make sure it is not overloading the server. 
2. Page Load Times
The faster your individual pages load, the more the crawlers can crawl your website pages. You can monitor the page load times of your website pages in Google Webmaster Tools. 
3. Your Content
If you have wonderful unique content in your website and you keep updating your site regularly then the crawlers will visit your website more frequently. 
4. URLs, Redirecting and Mising Pages
If you have issues related to URLs, Redirecting and Mising Pages then the crawlers will get stuck into it and will not love to crawl your pages unless you have sorted out those problem. You can see if there is any crawler issue with your site in Google Webmaster Tool. 
5. Bot Efficiency
You can adjust the crawl times of both Bing and Yahoo!'s bots by using a crawl-delay setting in your robots.txt file. Another good way of being able to tell if the other bots are indexing too slowly is by checking on Google's own crawl speed - it may be a good indicator as well.
Hope this information will also be helpful in letting you know why Yahoo crawler or other are slow in crawling your web pages. 

What Is KEI (Keyword Effetiveness Index)

What Is KEI (Keyword Effetiveness Index)

KEI is Keyword Effectiveness Index. KEI measures the number of searches for a keyword with the number of search results to point out which keywords are more effective and fruitful for your business. 
Suppose the number of searches for a keyword is 500 per month and Google displays 500,000 results for that keyword. Then the ratio between the popularity and competitiveness for that keyword is 500 divided by 500,000. In this case, the KEI 0.001. The higher is the KEI, the more popular your keywords are and less is the  competition. This gives you a fair chance for you to be on top with that keyword. 
However, the KEI makes no statement about the quality of the competition. While there might be only a few competitors in the search results, these competitors could be big players with big SEO teams and thousands of back links.
But do not panic if you don't have a better KEI. You can get on top with any keyword of your choice provided you put a lots of wise effort in your work. Yes wise Effort, mind it. Play with the search engines by following the basics of search engine techniques. And definitely you are gonna rock with your keywords in no time. 

Is Submitting Your Site To PR 0 Site Is A Waste Of Time?

Is Submitting Your Site To PR 0 Site Is A Waste Of Time?

There is one very disturbing question that is coming in my mind about Directory submission process - Is Submitting Your Site To PR 0 Site Is A Waste Of Time? As I have been submitting my site to various directories from a directory list since last one month or so. Many of these directories are having PR 0 with only a few having PR 1 and above.
One thing that I have noticed during this process is that Those sites having PR 1 and more take a lot of time in fact months to approve the listing. But those with no PR take mostly a week to approve the listing. So the question is is this a good thing submitting on them. Will they help me improve my ranking and increase traffic to my site. Will Google count thse links of my site on PR 0 Directories? 
Out of this query and researching on the Internet after a lots of pain I got a few answers - 
Some says do not worry on PRs of the Directories. The main thing is the that you should submit unique Title & Descriptions for each submission. If you are using same set if Title & Description in each submissions then Google may not like this as a case of duplicate Content. Google may count the hundreds of the listing of your site on those directories as only 4-5 backlinks to your site. And regarding the PR of the directories, you never know what will be the PR of those sites after a year or so. It may be that after a year you will see that those sites have become very popular and their PR is also increased.  At that time you will not feel like you have wasted your valuable time and effort in submitting to those PR 0 sites a year ago. 
And above all every new site has a PR 0 at the start. But gradually after time will pass they attain a good PR(Like when your site was also a new one with no PR when you started your site.)
There is also a very good valid result out of my research that - look for the sites already listed in the category you are going to submit your site or in other categories too. If there are good big websites listed there, then be sure that there is waste of your time and effort. 
One another thing is that do check whether the pages of the directory where you are looking for a backlink for your site are getting indexed by Search Engines, otherwise you are wasting your time. You can also ping the pages where you can see your link live. This will help you in indexing your site in Search Engine database.
Also check whether the directory you have selected for submission will list your site in the directory for a long time or not.
You can also go for Article Submission/ Article Marketing, Blog Commenting, Forum Discussion with your Signature and Link Exchange for quality backlinks for your site. Do not forget to submit your sites link to all the search engines.

Friday, June 11, 2010

FAQ'S Related To Caffeine- New Indexing System


All Internet & SEO concerned persons have atleast heard of the new Indexing system introduces by Google recently. At first Caffeine was in its Beta phase at users end. But now finally google has completed implementing the new system. This will now allow indexing fresh contents/new pages or the updated ones very faster.
Earlier the Google Indexing system was layer based formula. In this structure Google was indexing webpages on the web in layered based structure. So in this system some of the layers were getting refreshed very much faster and more frequently than other layers. According to the Google Blog the main layer was refreshed in a couple of weeks. And this layer system was mainly based on the PR of the website. It clearly means then that the website having PR 2 will be refreshed more faster than the website having PR 1.

1. What Is Fresh Content And How Is It Useful?
In a Good PR site the content get refreshed or we can say "cached" in only a few hours. But for a news site or very important public sites the informations are meant to be available to the public as soon as possible. In this case Google's Caffeine will visit the page and cache the new page quickly. The updated information will include the page title, description etc so it will be readily available to the public in a no longer time. Thanks @ Caffeine!!
2. How Caffeine Shows Fresher Contents More Quickly?
Google's New Caffeine is a continuous system globally. It adds new result/information in search engine database quickly and with the help of that database it shows fresh contents. Google has already started to real time search result through Twitter, but caffeine will make available fresh contents readily available very quickly from blogs, websites, news portals etc.
3. Caffeine Will Benefit Professional Bloggers Immensely Including Newbies!
If you are the one who is engaged most of the times writing web contents for blogs and websites and submitting your content to social bookmarking sites then your content will be refreshed or cached faster on the search engines. As for the blogs, Google is the chief contributor to their web traffic, so as a result of faster caching the content will get more traffic much faster. And the main thing is that the traffic will be organic. And any change in the content in the meantime will also be indexed by Caffeine as it will come to your site/blog. This will help bloggers like me also who are more concerned about posting blogs quite frequently if not more frequently.

How Caffeine _ Google's Brand New Search Indexing Will Make It More Big

Google Adds Caffeine To Search‎ Index For A Faster Updates And Faster Searches

Here is one great news for all of us who have interest in Internet or who is working on the search engines. Specially the SEO's around the world will be gifted by "Caffeine"
Have your heard about this headline hitting the web recently - Google makes big leap in search index with "Caffeine"!!!
Google has launched it's new index, dubbed Caffeine. It promises faster updates, faster searches, and expandability to match the growth of the Web.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

List Of Free Directory Submission Websites List

Hello Friends I am going to introduce a new thing in my blog today. This is to provide you with a list of good Directory submission sites. These sites are of very good PR. Here is the List:

List 2 Of Very Good High PR Forums- Make BackLinks

Free Forum List With PR 5 And More For Good Signature Backlinks To Your Site

Hello folks. I am back again with a new list of forums having PR more than 5. As we have been discussing earlier in the previous posts that forums are a great platforms for link building provided that you are involved in a topic of your interest and your website's theme and the forum discussion topics are same.
Try building your signature links here in these forums/ make comments-
2. 2.
3. 3.
12.>>>>>>>> Make comments on any article of your choice with your links
16.>>>> Make comments on any article of your choice with your links
22. >>>>>> Make comments on any article of your choice with your links

Find the First List Here

Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 Tips To Promote Your Article And Drive More Traffic To Your Website

3 Tips To Promote Your Article And Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Here is a quick list of three basic tips for getting high traffic for your website. This can be achieved through well written articles and submitting them to good article ditectories like - Ezines and Goarticles etc.
1. Write a meaningful and brief description
It is very important that you write meaningful and to the point description of your article. Usually I have noticed many article having description from the body part of the articles itself. This is not a very good practice indeed. Take some time to make a good description with the whole idea of your article in not more than 250 - 300 words. And also do not use same description for all the articles that you write, as it will creat duplicacy and will likely be disapproved.
2. Choose Your Keywords
Keywords are very important to find any content on the web. So is your article. So its very important to have good keywords in your articles so that you can be found by readers on search engines. But also dont forget not to keyword stuff your content. Think about your keywords by yourself what user will search to find your article.
3. Submit to social bookmarking sites
Submit your site to social bookmarking sites such as Twitter, Digg, Reddit, Yahoo! Buzz, Stumble Upon etc. With few minutes of work you can not only promote your article easily but also drive good amount of traffic on your website.
By applying above 3 simple tips you will achieve great results for the website you are concerned.