Friday, May 14, 2010

Can We Optimize Dynamic Website or Pages Easily Like Static Sites?

What Is Dynamic Website/Webpage? 
Dynamic pages or sites are pages generated from a database. It is also called database driven sites. Technologies used for Dynamic pages are PHP, PERL, ASP and many more technologies have came recently. 
Its true that dynamic pages found difficulties in getting noticed by the search engines. The reason for this is that Dynamic Pages sre Database Driven pages and its not possible for Search Engines to select those variables and so they are unable to index those pages from Dynamic Websites. 
Moreover the DYNAMIC URL's contains &,%,? etc. which obstruct the crawlers to crawl the page contents. 
Play some tricks by following these tips to make dynamic pages crawlable by Search Engines:
1. Link the dynamic pages of the site from the static pages. Submit the dynamic pages manually to search engines.
2. There are some softwares like Coldfusion which can replace special characters into some other text that is readable by crawlers.
3. CGI/PERL can be used to convert query string in url with alphabetical texts. Path_Info and Script_Name are variables which contain complete url including strings in dynamic pages.
4. Many webhosting companies provide Apache Software to convert dynamic URL into a kind of url that can be indexed by Search crawlers or say search engines. mod_rewrite query string in Apache converts any desired url into search engine friendly url. 
There is also one basic criteria that a database driven page or web application must be well written without having any error. Other issues than be corrected with dynamic website is a method to have individual meta tags and title tags for each page of the dynamic website.  Depending upon whether your dynamic website is cms based or bespoke you may be able to find modules or components already written by someopne that will allow you to do this.
A dynamic page like - ?lngWId=3&txtCodeId=769 can be changed into - lngWId.3/qx/vb/scripts/ShowCode.htm
which is search engine friendly. Once you've converted the URL, be sure to use search engine optimization techniques that you normally follow to modify the HTML tags and content within the tags before submitting all pages in accordance with each search engine's submission guidelines separately.