Thursday, January 5, 2012

Factors Affecting Ranking Of Different keywords

Each keyword in a campaign has its own timeline and barrier to enter on the first page of Google's Search Result. The amount of time required for each keyword depends on the numerous critical factors outlined below. If it were easy, then everyone would rank in the top 10 results, but as there are only 10 spots for any given keyword, those ten spots are a commodity and represent tremendous value when you consider the worth of a popular industry specific commercial search query.

The amount of time taken for a keyword to rank depends on factors such as:

1.       The quality of on page done with keywords inserted in relevant Meta Tags.
2.       Keyword prominence on the site.
3.       Seo Optimized unique Content with useful information
4.       The overall site structure & navigation
5.       Invite the search engine crawlers too often on the webpages.
6.       Regular content Updation
7.       Number of competitive pages for the keyword which makes the competition
8.       Number of words in the keyword phrases (3 to 4 words keywords(long tail keywords) are considered to rank faster than the single or two words phrase keywords.)
9.       Number of quality back-links (links from other websites linking back to our site) should be increasing with the time
10.   Age of the website domain
11.   Regular SEO Offpage activities on the specific keywords regularly
12.   Time taken to load the webpage
13.   Proper modification of pages, proper naming convention of the pages
14.   Moreover professional SEO Experts strategies are also very important for the ranking to occur faster. Ranking can get delayed if proper strategy and regular monitoring is not being done by an expert.
15.   Analyzing the current algorithms which the search engines are following and changing the strategies accordingly.


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