Friday, April 9, 2010

Tag Clouds

Tag Clouds

Since last few days I was thinking to write something on Tag Clouds. Done many reading and probings. finally I came up with this piece of information to put it on my blog.

A Tag Cloud is a to show content tags used in a website. The tags that are frequently used are shown in some larger font, or they are put in bold characters. These tags are arranged generally in alphabetical order. When you put mouse curser on a particular tag the no of contents or pages available related to that tag is displayed there. There are various sizes for different tags so as to provide relative importance of the tags depending on the links attached with the tag.

There Are Three Types Of Tag-Clouds:

These three types of clouds are classified according to their meaning and not according to their appearance. In the first type, there is a tag cloud for each separate kind of content/item. In the second type there are global tag clouds where the occurrence among all  content/item and users. 
In the first type of Tag Cloud, size of cloud represents the total number of times the particular tag has been applied to a single ITEM. This is useful in displaying Meta Data of an ITEM that has been voted. Like some music track which displays the genre with which an artist or track has been tagged.  
In the Secong Tag Cloud Type - more commonly used type tags are included. It is based on size, represented by the number of items where the tag has been applied as a identity for the content. Like we have tagged some Website designing company with the tag - Website / Web Design. The more no of sites are tagged with this word the more will be the popularity of this tag. We can see this in Bookmarking Sites.

In the Third type of Tag Clouds - tags are used for categorizing for CONTENT / ITEMS. The tags are represented in a Tag Cloud in which large tags represents the quantity of content items in that category of tag. 

Tag Cloud Generators:
We have a lots of options to generate tag clouds. These tag cloud generating tools analyze the keywords, or the most frequent words being used in the texts or in the content of the website.  Static Website needs different kind of tools for this whereas the Dynamic sites need some special plug-ins to display and generate the Tag Clouds. 

1. Google Tag Cloud Maker
2. TagCrowd
3. TagmyCloud
4. Tag Cloud
5. Text Tagcloud
6. Tag Cloud Generator
7. MakeCloud
8. ZoomClouds
You can Google these terms and use any of the available services for generating tag clouds for your website. 
This Is The Tag Cloud For My Blog:

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