Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Your Brand New Site Can Also Rank On Search Engine Say Google Easily!

The basic difference between a top rated site and a weak site is simply its age. as the older sites have very few competitors so it was easier for them to be ranked. As we say old is gold so the more old the site become it got the desired trust.

But if your site is new and even though you want to compete it against the old monsters of that field you have to be very good in building public relations,better brand strategy or have some interesting features that people want to talk about. Without conversations and good links its very difficult to surpass those sites which have been accumulating links for years.

But what if its possible to overtake the leaders of the market. there are many ways to overtake the market. You can  buy an old site that is not well maintained but if its beyond your budget and you are trying with a new site to rank it up then we should must opt for a different approach. Though its different but not new.

Though our site will also contain the keys which are similar or even the same sometimes but we are going to have a different approach. Here are some of the strategies which will help us to get the desired ranking quickly:
1) Using less popular version of keyword
If most competitors are using MEERU CABS but nobody is using meeru cabs then use that word as it will be a lot easier to get a good ranking.

2) Using keyword modifiers.
If you cant rank for the core kewwords then try using some keyword modifiers to the page. If Seo Services is hard to rank then try ranking for a more localized keyword say Seo Services India

3) Mix-up your page optimization
We should must not use our keywords randomly rather we should use it where its mostly required to be.
Notice the change between plural and singular versions of the keywords.

4) Move away from the commercial keywords.
Being contended with a bunch of few commercial keywords is like committing a sever crime, when the other competitors are using it for years.s o try finding some new catchy keywords to attract or build a good link.

5) Buy traffic
If the contnt is not getting the reputation that you have anticipated for then we should must actively market it. In that case we can mention it to some of the popular bloggers. Another option for instantly getting relevant traffic to featured content is to buy targeted ads. Stumble Upon sells category based traffic for 5 cents a visitor, but this traffic is nowhere near as potent as search traffic – many of these visitors come and go quickly. You can also buy pay per click traffic for your quality content. If you are buying it for commercial keywords the cost per click can be significant, but if you are trying to promote a quality non-commercial topic that is link worthy you can often get visitors from search and Ad-sense ads for less than 25 cents each.