Saturday, October 19, 2013

What Clients Should Know About Penguin 2.1 & Hummingbird

As many of us are already facing fall in the ranking and traffic due to the recent changes and Penguin 2.1 updates in the algorithm. The results being displayed in the SERP is still not stable and is fluctuating. We had a rank check this morning and just before some time from now. We have seen changes in the rank ranging from 5-10 in position in general and even upto position drop in some cases. Even yesterday’s rank results are not the same as today’s.

How to recover faster from the recent Penguin 2.1 update and do the right thing according to the Hummingbird update? Are you looking for the answer to this question? Here is a effort from me to help you in this regard:
As already conveyed to the esteemed clients, the process of identifying areas to recover and repair(identifying bad links and disavowing through Google Webmaster Tools) are being done extensively and we are hoping for a more stable result in the SERP in the coming days. The same process is being done as a part of recovery exercise worldwide. This recovery or detoxification process (identifying bad links and disavowing through Google Webmaster Tools) is a slow process as it will be a request to Google for the reconsideration after doing all the necessary things i.e. removing improper and incorrect back-links as per the latest algorithmic guidelines. Google process all these reconsideration requests from webmasters on a random basis as per the requests. 

Once you will do the needful with our website and we will send the reconsideration request, you will be rewarded from Google again. According to  these updates, we have to rework on some key factor which played negative for us i.e. the bounce rate and less user-friendly site structure and navigation. As Google doesn’t want to give results to its users having high bounce rate. Also If the time spent by the visitor is also very less then it also affects the site ranking according to the current algorithmic evaluations. 

SEO is no more a Directory and Bookmarking stuff only, it needs high-end experience to get a successful SEO campaign. Build content around your Domain, participate and contribute to the web. That's the key... Happy Seoing and safe & fast Penguin recovery.