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Hello Guys.

Great appreciation to you all on landing this page and having given your valuable time to look into this blog. I got an idea to share with my friends and team-mates the knowledge I have. Many a times we are all known with many things but usually it is not possible for all of us to grasp and keep in mind all the things taht we know. I started this blog as a initiative to make together major SEO Trends & Tricks followed in the real time and having success.

SEO Trends & Tricks- Will bring many new and emerging trends that is widely followed by some very well know SEO's round the globe. I am very sure you will follow my blog and provide me with your ideas and thoughts to make this blog really useful.This blog will help you in optimizing your Web Sites and Web Contents. I Will add many things that are useful. I will try to make sure that I only provide you facts and trends that are successful and that I personally trust upon.

Need For SEO Trends & Tricks:

Being a SEO myself I felt the need to start such a thing that will help me as well as a lot of SEO's around.

Whats More That You Will See Here In Future?

You Will Some very good article on Technogy mainly on computers. As I am also a computer Technology article writer. I Started this as I have a Bacheolor Of Technology degree in Information Technology. So I have a understanding in computer related things and trends.

And you will continue reading latest trends being followed in SEO.

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What is Google Knol & How To Use Google Knol Effectively?

What is Google Knol & How To Use Google Knol Effectively?

The main idea behind Google Knol is to put you in control of sharing your expertise and knowledge with the world. According to Google, a knol is

a single unit of knowledge, and the Google Knol is a platform for sharing that knowledge.

Google Knol is actually more like Squidoo and Hubpages that allow you to write and publish a web page on any subject. For example, you can

open up your Google Knol with a team of people or even open it up to the public. This means you don't have to be the author ow writer of your

Knol by yourself. You can be part of a team even you can yourself own the knol.

How To Create a Google Knol?

To start writing on Google Knol is a simple process. The only thing you need is a Google Account. Once you sign into your account, you can start

writing your Knol by clicking on the big "Write a Knol" button in the upper right corner of the home page. To make it easy, this button exists on

most pages in Google Knol, so you can start writing your own Knol from almost anywhere.

The process of writing a Knol is very simple. You are provided with a WYSIWYG editor, and except for a few things like a title and a summary, you

do most of your work writing your Knol just as you might write something in Microsoft Word.

For those who know HTML, its easier to see and edit the code directly. You can even create your own styles of your Knol. This makes Google

Knol different from wikis or other web hubs.

Why To Use Google Knol?

There are many different reasons to being using Google Knol. If you like sharing what you know, Google Knol is an excellent choice along with

wikis and other web hubs. Google Knol is also great for those wanting to create a web hub with a small team of people but don't want to open it

up to the entire world.

Here are a few ideas for using Google Knol:

>>Writing about something you are an expert on
>>Sharing your love and knowledge of a hobby
>>Creating your own personal web page all about you
>>Promoting a product or an event
>>Answering a frequently asked question or dispelling an urban myth
>>Making a little extra money by putting advertisements on your Google Knol

So what are you waiting for? Start Knolling by writing something you are well known with. Share your knowledge with the world. You can also create a knol page for the content or website you want the world to know. Make your content original and genuine. I am sure your Knol will appear in the search result.

Cheers!!! Start knolling........

Content Strategy

Content Strategy is an vast emerging field of practice within the discipline of User Experience Design (UXD). It also describes in a professional context the roles, work products, knowledge, methodology, and perspectives of content strategists.
Content is a substance. No matter the publication , platform, or format, content refers to everything that conveys meaning. Content includes the text, graphics, video, and audio that make up an interactive experience. Technically, Web content can be anything that
appears on a website, including words, pictures, video, sounds, downloadable files (PDF), buttons, icons, and logos. Everything is content.

Prominent Content Strategists
1. e bay
2. Facebook
3. Verizon
4. General Mills etc.....
Content Strategy Work Products
The work products typical of content strategy are diverse:
* Content inventory
* Copy deck
* Content assessment
* Editorial strategy
* Content audit
* Content gap analysis
* Comparative content analysis
* Content and messaging strategy
* Content conversion/migration strategy
* Content flow schematic
* Content approval workflow
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy
* Metadata strategy
* Editorial calendar
* Brand strategy
* Style guide