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Friday, September 16, 2011

Talking About The Latest Buzzwords In Running A SEO Campaign

For quite some time now, I was away from my blog. Away in the sense that I was not getting ample time to write something here. Nowadays, I have bigger responsibilities at my work place. Working as a Team Leader. Yeah, feels good… But at the same time you while you have the charge to lead a SEO campaign of your client, you are always under pressure of achieving good results. You are expected to do every possible thing so that the campaigns do well. And till now, I think I am doing well if not the best.

I will just talk about something that is really very important these days according to me…( LOL I am not a Matt Cutts whom you will prefer listening to).

I have felt that nowadays, SEO job has become trickier. I still remember the days when I started my career as a SEO in Jan, 2008. At that time I hardly used to do any other thing except the Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Article Submission, Forum Posting etc. But gradually Google made the search algorithm more and more complex making people carve for new ways to achieve the best visibility on search engines. Yes you got my point here. I am talking about the role of Social Media. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, and Stumble Upon, My Space are a few big names to count from the Social Media arena. These Social sites have revolutionized the whole search Engine process. Now a day’s you can’t ignore the role of Social Media sites while running a SEO campaign.

Facebook introduced a “LIKE” feature in it. It became the Buzz word in SEO. It started to affect the Bing search results. Then it also came up with the Fan Page concept. The Facebook PAGE with huge fan following is what people are looking for now a day. Some brands get fans just as they are well known to people everywhere e.g. Reebok, Nike, Coca Cola, and Pepsi. But a local brand trying to get more and more customer base also wants their fan following to advertise their brand. They are running their own Social media campaigns to get more fans, get more audiences for their products. The Facebook Page is also very important as the product get instant feedback from fans about the product so that the companies get to know about the want from the people (fans). Brands are running contests, discount offers so that more and more people can avail the facilities, services or products what they are offering.

Twitter also is the front runner in the role of creating social media awareness about brands. People are now aware of the fact that they have much choice while selecting a product or service they want to avail. So they always listen to other people who have experienced the particular services and products on social media. Twitter is a great place for this now. Tweets from people can make people change their mind about selecting any service or purchasing any product. The products and services which are the best gets Re-Tweets from other people who have already experienced it, making it a popular choice for others.

Likewise, Diggs, Stumble, Delicious can help you come on the front page of these websites if your update and share gets maximum votes. Coming on the home page in the news section of these big Social giants will derive huge traffic for your site and likewise the SEO campaign will also get a boost.

Lately, Google introduced the +1 in their huge collection of Google products. +1 is said to affect the Google search results directly. And for most of the people in the world Google is the only search engine they know and use for searching. People now want more and more +1s. But it will take some time to see the actual influence of +1. But the initial observation of mine says that it is affecting the search results. The more +1 you get for your website, the more Google will consider it a better website, thus will be getting an advantage in search engine visibility. Pages that have been tweeted, re-tweeted, and liked are seeing the greatest increases in search engine prominence, the same follows with +1. This shows the social authority that your page is having.

Despite of all these facts, I still believe that the better the content and information you provide for your visitors/customers, the better the search engine specially the Google, will consider you as a better resource for the its users. So doing all the latest SEO and SMO planning, get a well written content which is unique, gives the best information and meets your customers requirement. If you serve them well with quality, Google will pay you for it. 

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

50 Fantastic Google Spreadsheet Shortcuts for Students

Hello Folks!!!
On May 4 2011, I got a mail from Jasmine Hall. And She asked me to post me "50 Fantastic Google Spreadsheet Shortcuts for Students".  She asked me "On a related note, we recently published an article that you might want to share it with your readers." I agreed to her and as a result I am posting the content that she referred. It not actually only a SEO or SMO resource. Its Google Spreadsheet Shortcuts for students. The original content is @ Here we go:-

If you're a busy college student, the more ways you have to accomplish things quickly, the better. That's where things like keyboard shortcuts can come in handy, especially when you're trying to enter data efficiently and professionally into a spreadsheet, like those offered on Google. Here are some shortcuts and tips you can use to improve your Google spreadsheets skills, get homework over with, and go back to having fun, just being a college student.
Here are some amazing features that you might not have even known were offered through Google Spreadsheets.
  1. Fill themselves in. Using Google Forms, you can email questions and data to others and it will automatically fill in your spreadsheet, making it very easy to collect information.
  2. Revert to an earlier version. If you're sharing access to a document in Google spreadsheets, you might want to go back to an earlier version before someone made changes. The program makes that simple. Click on File and then revision history to make changes.
  3. Chat while editing. Because Google has many integrated features, you can chat with your classmates, research subjects or professors while you chart data.
  4. Insert a formula. Formulas can make you life a whole lot easier, allowing you to perform functions on a cell or a group of cells to better organize and analyze your data.
  5. Spice it up with gadgets. Why stick with a boring old spreadsheet when you can spice things up with some gadgets? Try out a few to make your data much more visually appealing.
  6. Track your finances. If your spreadsheet is related to the stock market, then Google makes things pretty simple by integrating Google Finance with Google Spreadsheets.
  7. Google search inside a spreadsheet. Think of a question while you're working on your spreadsheet? Get answers without ever leaving it with a feature that lets you use Google search right within your document.
  8. Color code it. If you want to better organize your data, colors can be a big help. With Google Spreadsheets, it's simple to color code and highlight just about anything you want. If you want to get fancy, you can have these colors automatically change within a given set of guidelines.
  9. Track changes. Whether you're working with a group or on your own, it can be useful to track your changes as you go. You can see them in a list or receive emails each time a change is made.
These keyboard shortcuts are essential to working with Google Spreadsheets.
  1. Ctrl+A: Hit these keys and you'll select all the data in your spreadsheet.
  2. Ctrl+S: While Google Spreadsheets has an autosave function, you'll still want to save using this shortcut as well.
  3. Ctrl+W: When you're done with your work, hit control and the W key to close the document.
  4. Ctrl+Shift+S: If you need more than one copy of your spreadsheet, this combination of keys will let you easily make a duplicate.
  5. Ctrl+O: To get started with work, use this shortcut to open an existing document.
  6. Ctrl+P: Sometimes you just need a hard copy to look at. Hit these keys to print one.
  7. Ctrl+N: Start a new project by using this shortcut which brings up a new document.
  8. Ctrl+Z: Made a mistake? No problem, simply undo the changes using these keys.
  9. Ctrl+Y: Want to undo that undo? Hit control and Y to redo any action again.
Alignment and Formatting
Want to make your data easier to read or more visually appealing? These keyboard shortcuts can help.
  1. Ctrl+B: Give your data intensity by putting it in bold with this shortcut.
  2. Ctrl+I: This combination of keys will help you italicize the proper words.
  3. Ctrl+U: Whether you want to draw emphasis or acknowledge a title, these keys will help you underline your work.
  4. Alt+Shift+&: If you need some borders around your data use this to add them. If you want to get rid of them, use Alt+Shift+_ to do the job.
  5. Alt+Shift+T: Say you only need a border around one side, however? This shortcut has you covered, adding borders to the top. For borders on the right, bottom and left, simply substitute R, B or L for the T.
  6. Alt+Shift+5: Want to negate data without removing it? This will let you strikethrough whatever you have in a particular cell.
  7. Ctrl+Enter: If you need a line break in your document, use this shortcut.
  8. Alt+Enter: Similarly, if you want a new line in the same cell, this shortcut will help.
Clean up and refine your spreadsheet data by using these great shortcuts for editing.
  1. Ctrl+C: To copy data, use this common keyboard combo.
  2. Ctrl+V: Use this to paste any information you've cut or copied.
  3. Ctrl+X: If you want to do away with some information or data, use this combo to cut it out.
  4. Ctrl+M: Make a comment about your spreadsheet using these keys.
  5. Esc: If you have a change of heart about entering data into a cell, simply click escape to cancel.
  6. Shift+Spacebar: To edit an entire row of data, use this keyboard shortcut. It will highlight an entire row at once.
  7. Ctrl+Spacebar: Similarly, these keys will highlight an entire column.
  8. F2: Make it simple to edit the active cell by hitting F2.
Getting Around
Move all around your spreadsheet and between different documents using these shortcuts.
  1. Ctrl+Home: Move to the top of your document using these keys.
  2. Ctrl+End: If you need to go all the way to the bottom, just hit these keys instead of scrolling.
  3. Arrow keys: With the arrow keys, you can move up or down, left or right one cell at a time.
  4. Tab: The tab key will help you move the active cell one to the right.
  5. Shift+Tab: Go back to the left one active cell by using these keys.
  6. End: With this shortcut, you'll move to the end of a row.
  7. Ctrl+Backspace: Hit this combo to scroll to the active cell when multiple cells are selected.
  8. Ctrl+Shift+PageUp/Down: If you've got multiple spreadsheets open, use these shortcuts to switch sheets.
  9. Ctrl+Arrow Keys: These keys will let you move to the top, bottom, left or right most cell in a given row or column.
Still need more shortcuts? These will help you do everything from add the time to insert a hyperlink.
  1. Ctrl+K: Insert a hyperlink into your data using this handy shortcut.
  2. Ctrl+F: Can't find what you're looking for in your data? Use these keystrokes to open a search box.
  3. Ctrl+': If you're not sure what formulas you can use on Google Spreadsheets, use this shortcut to open up a list.
  4. Ctrl+;: Insert the current date with this shortcut.
  5. Ctrl+:: This will help you to insert the current time.
  6. Ctrl+/: Having trouble with the keyboard shortcuts? This will open a help window.
  7. Ctrl+Shift+Enter: Try out this combination to change a wrap formula to an array formula.