Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do Not Fool Google - If You Are In A Habit Of Copy Content From Another Sites, Google Will Penalize You

A webmaster has asked Google in a Webmaster forum about the reason for his site penalization - drop in the ranking. Google made a point that the site is having copy content on the site. The webmaster to the surprise replied Google that others are copying his content. But Google cannot be fooled. Google does an investigation and found that the Webmaster's  content is under question and is copied. 
The thing to be keep in mind from now is that copy content from another site is not going to help your business and Website in long run. And Google is not a dumb. Google is the king of Search Engine and it know all about the online materials. 
Here are the relevant snippets from the thread:
One thing that is very important to our algorithms is unique and compelling content. In general, it makes little sense for us to crawl and index content that is copied, rewritten, automatically translated or otherwise automatically processed -- we assume that our users would much rather want to find the original source. With that in mind, I would strongly recommend removing all such content -- should you have any -- and making sure that all of your content is of the highest quality possible, and really unique and compelling, in short: something that users will want to refer friends to.
Should you find and remove content like that, I would recommend submitting a reconsideration request after cleaning everything up, detailing the changes that you have made.
Please also understand the fact that people are copying me. Just like my last post New Zealand vs South Africa it is totally unique, read it as its worth reading as I write my own reviews and you can see last night I submited this post and it is already copied to two or more sites. You can check all my reviews, they are totally unique but it seems they are no longer, on web I can not stop people copying me. And if I would be well indexed this would surely copied by many.
It would seem strange to me that the Times of India would be copying and correcting the mistakes in your posts... Looking through a sample of your posts, I don't see a problem with other sites copying your content, but I do see posts on your site that are just rewritten from other sources. While I understand that you can't make up news, it's really important to us that your site provides unique and compelling content of its own, even if you are referring to other sources. One way to do this could be to properly quote and link to the original source, while making sure that your commentary makes up the majority of the content on those pages. Rewriting other sources without attribution or unique additional value is not something that our algorithms appreciate.
The original discussion is here- Click Google penalization  

Its time for ethical SEO to come in action so that spammers can take a step back. Trust on good SEO Services.
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Google Penalized Beat That Quote

Google acquired and then penalized "Beat that quote" within a day.

Yesterday was purchased by google for £37.7 million. And within 24 hours Google decided to lower its ranking due to the violation of Google's webmasters guidelines.

As the news came out that Google acquired the price comparison site, SEOs like SEOBook called out the site’s aggressive SEO tactics. Aaron Wall shows how the site was using SEO techniques that went against Google’s guidelines, such as link buying, doorway pages and other questionable techniques.

Google's New Farmer Update or Panda Update

In an interview with Wired magazine’s Steven Levy Googlers Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts speak more about the recent Farmer algorithm update.
One of the interesting things they say is that last year’s launch of the “Caffeine” indexing infrastructure as it played a important role in upping the visibility of “shallow content.”
According to Amit Singhal Our index grew so quickly, and we were just crawling at a much faster speed. When that happened, we basically got a lot of good fresh content, and some not so good. The problem had shifted from random gibberish, which the spam team had nicely taken care of, into somewhat more like written prose. But the content was shallow.

What Is Search Engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is getting trafficand targetted visitors on your website from the search engine. It is shortened to call Search Marketing. 

SEM is covering two areas in detail:
1. Traffic through SEO process(Organic)
2. Traffic through Paid Seach or PPC(In-Organic)

SEM is not only getting traffic through paid search, as many people believe. SEM includes pure organic and usual seo methods also. 

There are some tools which are very much helpful in getting your SEM project chive success:
1. Keyword Research tools - you cn take refrences from two or three tools.
2. Links from different related websites and forums etc.
3. URL shorteners which help you in spreading your links on the web or on social media. It is used to wrap your original link. 
4. Web Analytics tools helps you in getting reports and different real time stats on your SEO and SEM project. 

SEO and SEM together is now taking the lead in getting high business to the clients eventually attaining high returns from their investment. In India SEO and SEM is a huge success. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Your Brand New Site Can Also Rank On Search Engine Say Google Easily!

The basic difference between a top rated site and a weak site is simply its age. as the older sites have very few competitors so it was easier for them to be ranked. As we say old is gold so the more old the site become it got the desired trust.

But if your site is new and even though you want to compete it against the old monsters of that field you have to be very good in building public relations,better brand strategy or have some interesting features that people want to talk about. Without conversations and good links its very difficult to surpass those sites which have been accumulating links for years.

But what if its possible to overtake the leaders of the market. there are many ways to overtake the market. You can  buy an old site that is not well maintained but if its beyond your budget and you are trying with a new site to rank it up then we should must opt for a different approach. Though its different but not new.

Though our site will also contain the keys which are similar or even the same sometimes but we are going to have a different approach. Here are some of the strategies which will help us to get the desired ranking quickly:
1) Using less popular version of keyword
If most competitors are using MEERU CABS but nobody is using meeru cabs then use that word as it will be a lot easier to get a good ranking.

2) Using keyword modifiers.
If you cant rank for the core kewwords then try using some keyword modifiers to the page. If Seo Services is hard to rank then try ranking for a more localized keyword say Seo Services India

3) Mix-up your page optimization
We should must not use our keywords randomly rather we should use it where its mostly required to be.
Notice the change between plural and singular versions of the keywords.

4) Move away from the commercial keywords.
Being contended with a bunch of few commercial keywords is like committing a sever crime, when the other competitors are using it for years.s o try finding some new catchy keywords to attract or build a good link.

5) Buy traffic
If the contnt is not getting the reputation that you have anticipated for then we should must actively market it. In that case we can mention it to some of the popular bloggers. Another option for instantly getting relevant traffic to featured content is to buy targeted ads. Stumble Upon sells category based traffic for 5 cents a visitor, but this traffic is nowhere near as potent as search traffic – many of these visitors come and go quickly. You can also buy pay per click traffic for your quality content. If you are buying it for commercial keywords the cost per click can be significant, but if you are trying to promote a quality non-commercial topic that is link worthy you can often get visitors from search and Ad-sense ads for less than 25 cents each.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Facebook Is Now Becoming Crucial In SEO Compaigns

Facebook is now playing  very vital role in the field of SEO and SMO. Earlier it was considered that only the Search Engine are responsible for affecting any organic search result. But things are changing fast, and other things also began to play vital role like the Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook's internal searches has began affecting search results. This has let the optimization strategy give a re-think. 
A rough guess says that :-
  • More than 500 million active users
  • 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • Average user has 130 friends
  • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
  • More than 70 translations available on the site
  • About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States
  • Over 300,000 users helped translate the site through the translations application

  • Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
  • Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month
  • More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month.
There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
So with such  big and massive presence Facebook is bound to draw the limelight in the SEO Arena. Little-to-none of Facebook’s is activity is indexed by Google and other mainstream engines. It’s easy to see why Facebook’s members-only organic search results deserve attention! 
In addition to wall posts, think SEO in tendering status updates, links and notes. You never know who will find it, searching for whatever. Wall-post external content like blog posts and news should be optimized for important keywords, especially the content’s title tag.  If possible post content where the call to action and/or contact information is actually in the title tag. This gets your pitch to the search results as opposed to requiring a second click through to a profile page. 
Remember that it’s not only wider (non-friends) Facebook search that matters. Your friends, friends of friends, networks and networks of friends are likely to trust you a bit more since you’re “local.”  It’s fascinating to extrapolate the implications of a “trusted local personal search network.” As a user or searcher, be aware of how Facebook search privacy settings function. Seek advice from other tools Facebook gives us regarding users common social graphs. Lexicon, which is about to get deeper, and the Facebook paid search platform offer cool insight regarding what’s hot. Contribute continually.  A good portion of the physical search results are comprised of social graph points generated within the last 30 days. 

So what I can figure out by now about facebook is that it is the next big thing in the Search Arena. It has huge potential in itself. Facebok is not only connecting with friends and keeping yourself updated about them. It is also about what new and whats hot in every fields. It can tell you about new business opportunity. It has everything you will need about gaining traffic and visitors.
Keep updated on Facebok Guys. Pass more and time on facebook and stay ahead of your competitors.