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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cart Abandoment: Why It Happens? How To Recover Your Lost Opportunity?

Getting a lot of traffic for your website is awesome! It all happens due to your efforts to get good content, great products to sell on your website, Huge amount of back links, very good internal linking and site navigation and a lot of other things. When we get a lot of traffic through various sources on our website that means people are loving your website, your products and services. 
But we always want more as we are human beings and we are never satisfied with what we are getting. we can always do a little effort to get more sales and leads. Especially for an e commerce website, we always want to get more orders. There are a lot of instances where many e commerce websites do get a lot of cart abandonments. We can reduce the cart abandonment ratio to increase the sales from our website and get a lot more revenue generation for our website. An independent web research company claims thats 67.75% of the total shopping cart are abandoned. That means that 7 out of every 10th visitor is leaving the cart on an average. Few reasons why someone can abandon the cart are:
1. Price too high(above the expectation) 
2. Didn't liked the product 
3. Free shipping not available
4. It was the first visit of the customer. As almost more than 90% people will not like to buy the product in their first visit.
5. Another website offering the same product at a lower price
6. Process taking too much time
7. Security concern while doing payment
8. Price presented in some other currency
9. Website crashing
10. Too many steps before final checkout

Few things that we can do to reduce the cart abandonment ratio are:
1. Offer some discount to the customer
2. Offer some loyalty program to cart abandoner
3. Use re-targeting for those who have left the cart
4. Use call tracking to track orders over phone or through sales support. 
5. Email about the cart abandonment to the customer and remind him about the purchase they left with some offer specially for them

Cart abandonment is not just the end of opportunity for you, it is a great start for you to re-engage the customer back to your website for some more value added sales. Use your re-targeting tricks efficiently to get more out of your e commerce campaign.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Search Engine Optimization Has Gone Beyond Traditional Link Building Strategies

SEO/Internet marketing is the most happening word among the business owners. Everybody wants to expand its business and don’t want to confine themselves to just some local place. Everybody wants customers across the globe. So what is wrong in this? No, actually it’s a thing which should be appreciated.

Now comes the companies/Individuals who take the responsibility of doing the SEO/Internet marketing for these companies/businesses. So now the later are those who are having the core responsibility of how they will get customers for the former. What strategies are they going to follow? Nowadays millions of other person is having the same product and services who want to sell it over Internet. So how is your SEO/Internet marketer going provide you that extra edge over the other sellers. It’s time to think beyond the conventional SEO process. This is the age of social media. Get involved in more and more social media. Get your brand and business flourish on Facebook – “The GOD of Social Media”. Yes Facebook is undoubtedly the GOD of Social Media Platforms. Here you will find people from each age group. Here you will find the whole world. Here you can get gigantic customer base for your product if you can actually reach the millions of people over the social media.

What we are talking about here is getting some branding done over the social media and at other places on the Internet. One will only trust the product you are selling, either if it is being offered at the lowest price so that it can attract those who have a tight budget or the product you are selling is having enough reputation, so that people can actually neglect the price tag. This is something which is getting popular as Invisible SEO. Invisible SEO is not anywhere related to the normal SEO i.e. only building quality links for the website, getting anchored links on some other related website and getting more and more back links for the website. Invisible SEO is actually building a brand image for your product, building a quality image for your product over the huge Internet based customers, and getting attention of the millions of your prospective customers through some real time engagement. Real time engagement of the customers is possible through Social Media Platforms.

I have not said that the conventional SEO process is not worth. But I have just put a little more emphasis on the Invisible SEO. Of course we have to put our self engaged in both the link building process and the branding and managing reputation process. Giving a proper customer support after sales is also a very nice part of invisible SEO process. This will ensure a word of mouth publicity of your product and this again comes under the invisible SEO part.
Most importantly, the content for your business website will matter a lot. Never underestimate the content for the website. Your content is going to take you to the highest level. Invest a lot of time in writing the content. If you have a quality content than you are surely going to impress the masses over the Internet.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Digging The Basic Facts Of SMO-Social Media Optimization

I am a SEO by profession and recently I have joined an Organization where I have been assigned SMO(Social Media Optimization) projects. So basically I am transforming myself into a SEO + Internet Marketing Professional. As a result I really got curious about the SMO thing. I m also curious that can SMO increase the ranking in Search Engine along with increasing the sales and business of the clients. 

As a result of these queries, I have come up with certain valid and good results, which I am going to share on my blog :-
There is one very obvious question that keeps coming in mind that can we really take a lead in Online Marketing by just doing some really good SMO activities. As right now Facebook is really taking the charge in the in SMO arena. Twitter follows and so does other social media sites like Linkedinn, My Space, Digg etc.  

But SMO is not about SEO totally. SEO is about ranking Websites on search engines. But SMO is is all about marketing, making your product, business and brand popular. You want to make it seen among the prospective clients and people. Ultimately you are trying to make some reputation for your brand. 

While working on SMO for your business, you should forget about the LINKS & TRAFFIC. As SMO is about getting known among the people. We focus on – Maximum people should know about your business and brand.  Just focus on making your reputation online, make relevant profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Social News(Digg, Newsvine, Stumbleupon), Blogging on blogger, wordpress, livejournal, typepad etc. 

One thing is very important here is to keep the activities on these Social platforms very regular. If you are not regular you are surely going to lag behind. Irregular posting and writings will create  bad image for you. Think what you feel when you yourself land on someone’s profile and you see there that the last post, update or any kind of event happened a couple of months back. It gives a sense of laziness from the business. 

So keep yourself active, offer something interesting and good on these SMO platforms and you are surely going to take the charge. And ultimately when people will like your brand and business they will visit your Website more often thus increasing a positive and good prospective Traffic to your site.
The post following this post will include some very good SMO resources and tactics that will help you take the front seat in SMO, as I have tried these things personally for my ongoing projects. 

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