Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing Strategy Effectively

People often wonder nowadays about the Social Media Marketing Strategy . The general questions that are in mind always are:
>>How to start social media marketing campaign?
>>What’s the plan & strategy behind social media?
>>What are the goals for Social Media Marketing?
>>How much time it will take to display the results?
>>And what are the risks behind Social Media?
To answer these questions the best way will be to Social Media as - 

>>The most effective way of getting netizens attention and to reach online people.
>>People tend to take part in online conversations and are happy to communicate with brands. >>The information found on the Social Web can be quite interesting and quite informative when applied to a business. Social Media Marketing Plan Steps:1. Start with the Goals:Increase brand awarenessBuild authorityLearn more about your target audienceGain inbound linksEducate and inform your customersImprove customer serviceMaintain and manage your brand reputationReach new channels of customers through new channels.Create direct connection between customer & the company2. Create a Strategy Based on Research:Find if your target audience is onlineFind out the successes and failures of other social media campaignsCreate real timeline for the campaignAlways measure the results.3. Follow these steps:>>>Methods:Write/Read a blogShare a Photo, VideoBookmark a WebPagePost a Question OR Start a PollGive replies to asked questions OR participate into other’s PollAdd a CommentWrite a reviewSubscribe to a Website>>>Community:Most social media strategies are based on the community and how you will connect with the people you want to bring around your business.>>>Neighbors:Reach out to others like friends of your friends in your community, comment, and share.>>>Attention:Try building awareness and encourage relationships with the media i.e. the community you are in and with the medium i.e. the Social Media.>>>Measurement:Reader commentsRSS SubscribersTwitter FollowersFacebook FansDiggsLinksVisitsSearch ResultsPodcast SubscribersStumbles>>>Risks:People talk about you in a bad way thats the risk in this. Try not to hurt anyone.

As this is a growing trend and field so you will get to read more on this in later posts. Keep waiting

SEO Tips & Guide For Mobile Website - A New Buzz Around

Have you heard about SEO for mobile sites. This is a buzz around for some time now. SEO for mobile websites is very popular these days. This is important as we can now have access to these website anywhere anytime to solve our different kinds of problems.Like we need to find a a bike mechanic or you want a food outlet nearby some highway as you are out from the city at some lonely distant place or you are in the country side. So finding these services is only possible through your mobile as you are not having any laptop there. Mobile SEO can be useful through Google Maps and other local SEO techniques to get Google rankings. These short services are a boon at times. E-Commerce solutions and services are also getting benefited from the mobile SEO services for purchasing their needs like booking some ticket for a Music Show of your favourite musician  you just got to know about. 
Google take this thing into account for mobile industry and then they allowed Adwords campaign on mobile devices. Here comes the "Mobile Keyword Tool" from Google.
With this "Mobile Keyword Tool" from Google you will get keyword suggestion for Mobiles. You just have to have the Keyword Tool from any mobile-only ad group and you will get mobile specific results from Google. At present there is no mobile suggestions available in standalone version of the tool so you have to login into your account directly. 
Factors that need to take care of in Mobile Website SEO Process:

1. Apply general on-site optimization techniques: Certainly SEO for mobile website will be different than a general website but you can apply few basic general website techniques to your site. Use all the SEO “on-page optimization” practices that you know: 
a. Title tag optimization
b. Meta tag Optimization
c.Uses of heading tags
d. URL Optimization & Anchor Optimization
2. Ensure you key content is placed in the top part of the page as the users and bots will find it a lot easier there.

3. Your website should allow crawl by Mobile search engines. Here’s the list of mobile search engines:
4. Submit your website to Yahoo Site Explorer Mobile Submit page. Here it’s:

5. See how your website is opening in mobile browser:
6. Accessibility: In order for a site to work on a wireless device, it must be compatible to website accessibility guidelines, as set out by the W3C
7. Maximum total page size recommended is 20 kilobytes.
8. Use Valid XHTML Coding: WML is the specific language for mobile users but is XHTML is widely used so here are the tips for XHTML. Mobile search engines have more trouble in accessing the webpage if there is invalid code. So avoid the risk of not opening the website later on by validate the webpage. You can validate through W3C Validator. Character encoding should be UTF-8 there. You have very limited screen, about 2×3 inches or so consider the size in mind for the total web page to display all the content. If you are going to launch a e-commerce site, consider creating an m-commerce site (mobile site). Remove Flash, Java and any plug-in content unless necessary. Do not opt for advertising as you already have limited screen space.
All images should be striped out, unless they are must for your site.

9. Optimize for Local Searchensuring that your site is well optimized for local search, means that people should be able to find you when they are looking for local resources.  Update your profile and include links to your mobile site (if you have one) and make it easy for users to find your business. As gone are the days for yellow pages or other classified sites with the launch of Mobile sites.

Monday, April 26, 2010

How HTML 5 Will Affect SEO Process?

HTML is vry important and integral part of SEO. As doing On-page SEO is dependent on the ease of the HTML and how better you know it. Though HTML is not very difficult to learn for SEO needs. As a SEO Professional involved in On-Page SEO , you will be interested in those changes made in HTML 5, which will affect your work. As this is still very new so here are some of them:
1. Improved page segmentation. Search engines are getting smarter and they are applying page segmentation into their consideration. Basically, page segmentation means that a page is divided into several separate parts (i.e. main content, menus, headers, footers, links sections, etc.) and these parts are treated as separate entries. In present HTML, there is no way for a Web master to tell search engines how to segment a page but this is bound to change in HTML 5.
2. A new  "article" tag. The new tag is the best addition for a SEO in their profession. This tag allows you to mark separate entries in an online distribution, such as a blog or a magazine. When articles are marked with the tag, this will make the HTML code cleaner because it will reduce the need to use
tags. Also, probably search engines will put more weight on the text inside the tag as compared to the contents on the other parts of the page.
3.There is a new  "section" tag. The new tag can be used to identify separate sections on a page, chapter, book. The advantage is that each section can have its separate HTML heading. As with the tag, it can be presumed that search engines will pay more attention to the contents of separate sections. For example, if the words of a searched keywords are found in one section of the page, it means higher relevance of that section for that keyword searched.
4. A new "header"tag is included. The new tag (which is different from the head element) is a boon for the SEO experts because it is very useful. The tag is very similar to the tag but the difference is that it can contain a lot of stuff, such as H1, H2, H3 elements, whole paragraphs of text, hard-coded links (and this is really important and beneficial for a SEO), and any other kind of information you feel relevant to include.
5. A new "footer"tag. The tag might not be as useful as the one, but still it allows to include important information there and it can be used for SEO purposes as well. The and tags can be used many times on one page – i.e. you can have a separate header/footer for each section and this gives really a lot of flexibility and convenience.
6. A new "nav" tag. Navigation is one of the important factors for SEO and everything that eases navigation is always good for everyone. The new
tag can be used to identify a collection of links to other pages.
But still HTML 5 is still to come in the common use. When more pages will be made in HTML 5, search engines will pay more attention to HTML 5. Only then it will be possible to know how exactly search engines will treat HTML 5 pages. Also, it will take some time for browsers to adjust to HTML 5.
Keep waiting for HTML 5 SEO's!!!!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Google Places, Google Maps, Google Business Centre

"Google Places" is a Google Service. Now the name of the previously and well known Google Local Business Center is changed to Google Places. Google launched Google places last September as a way "to help people make more informed decisions about where to go" but now Google Places will take over the Local Business Center.
You can add your business here. Millions of people look for real world places on Google. Google places allows business people to locate their business on the Google.  It allows you to list your business be it Hotel, Restaurants, Tools, Vehicles etc. 
You might want to promote a sale, a special event or anything else that you want customers to know right now, and this feature lets you communicate that directly to your customers. You can also provide extra incentive by adding coupons, including ones specially formatted for mobile phones.
There is a dashboard feature. With the dashboard, you can see how your use of any of these new features affects interest in your business and make more informed decisions about how to be found on Google and interact with your customers.
One out of five searches on Google are related to location, and we want to make sure that your businesses will be found and you will be benefited more out of it. For more info visit-

"Google Maps" is a Google service which allows you powerful, user-friendly mapping tool and local business information -- including business locations, contact information, and direction to reach the location mentioned in the map. You can zoom the map, see its satellite view, street view and more things here. For more info Visit -

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Things Does Google Result Counts

Google Search Result is always based on the basic things. These basic things are and will always be the key in SEO. These are:
 1. Keyword Density
 2. Keyword prominence
 3. Back links
 4. Content

Keyword density
The density of keyword is a very important aspect. It affects the ranking of your page. The higher the keyword density the higher is your rank so one should always include a 30-40 word paragraph containing keyword rich content, thus increasing the keyword density.
Keyword prominence
The keywords you have chosen should appear in Title, Meta Tags and H tags with some occurrence in the body also. So you should not define "Google Search Result" without putting the word "Google Search Result"" in the body of the definition. This means H and P tags should go hand parallel to each other for the effectiveness of the keyword for that page.

Page rank and back links
The more is the inbound links to your site, the better will be the page rank of your site. Also it is important to put relevant links to your site. Google also takes into consideration the words (or Anchor text) that appear in your back links.

Content of your site is the key thing. Write natural contents with a good flow and users will be interested reading it. Do Not bother about the Search Engine Bot while writing the content. The content loved by readers will be also loved by the bot. 

The best proof of it is you are reading till the last line of this post because it has the content for you to help you.

How To Search And Download ebooks From Google? A Simple Trick

To find a book online is sometimes a very tedious job. You need a specific book from the Internet, and you are trying every kind of keywords for it, but all in vein. So what to do then? Try a few search codes to find a book online. I think this piece will help you a lot next time you are sitting there to find a book. These tricks are tried by me personally and they worked for me. 
+("index of") +("/ebooks"|"/book") +(chm|pdf|zip|rar) +Topic of the book

To Find a particular eBook file
Try this query:

allinurl: +(rar|chm|zip|pdf|tgz) TheTitle of the book

Happy Book searching for you!!!!! @@ CHEERS

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dominating The Search Engine

Dominating the search result is the most challenging task in SEO. Doing seo and to dominate are quite different things. Dominating is lot of a tricky task. I am going to figure out a few what I consider are the most important and basic things:
1. Register a good domain name for your site that contain your most important and competitive keyword.
2. Make the pages of your sites named accurately. Get specific names for the page, like services.html or contact.html
3. Build as many links for your site as you can. Rely more on quality link related to your site's theme. Opting for directory submission services is a wise thing which is one-linking. You can also do two-way and three-way link building. 
4. Get some well written articles for your site and you deal with. Submit them to good article directories with good page rank. Check that the pages of these sites are cashed regularly by search engine Bots.
5. Name the images used in your site according to the image only like if its an apple name it apple.jpg etc.
6. Get profiles on as many Social Networking as you can. 
7. Participate in forum discussion about your site and work. But dont through unnecessary links there or you will be declared spammer by site admin. 

SEO Techniques And Practices

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is now a days a very essential part of ones business online. As nowadays we meet many of our needs online. We go online to meet many of our needssay for example: electronics item like mobile, cameras, laptops, washing machine etc. to count a few among many other things even groceries. We just fing the best deal for us which meets our need and wallet. So the basic idea is that you opt to purchase those items only which are found in the top of a search engine result like on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
So all you need to get your business on the top search result called "SERP" is to get SEO Services for your business product or you can say the website through which you run your business. There are a Thousands of SEO Service Providers all across the World. lets not go into that here.
The other most important part of SEO is that - "Know Your Keywords". This is because any SEO Service Provider will need your keywords depending on the nature of your business. It may be that you are focussing only in your local territory or may be in your own country only, or globally. So the keywords need miderate modifications to get on top of your competitors. Like If you are dealing in Real Estate In India You would like to have the keywords - Real Estate in India, Best House Deals in India, Affordable House Deals in India etc. These search result will customize your optimization on search result.
But if you will take Real Estate, Best House Deals, Affordable House Deals etc., it will work as a global keywords. These keywords will take a hell lot of your time to get ranked.
The next big thing is to get a well written content content for your site. A well written content by you for your site is always upto the mark for your site and will contain the balance of your keywords of your business. As search engine loves to read natural contents. And Nature always contains beauty in itself.
 Suppose the visitor is looking for "Best House Deals in India". You are on the top ten Google result. You have a chance to get clicked then, by that visitor. You already have a excellent content and information about your services. Then the visitor will make a mind to contact you for his need. (Else he will jump on to the other results available.)
The vistor who will love your content and information regarding the particular search will try to get a deal with you, and you are there for it. Are not you? A happy customer always helps you in getting another customer for you by "Word Of Mouth". As he will be praising you to his friends and family about you and this will work for you.
Have a trace of the results periodically. Get into optimizing the more you can. Dominate the search result for the keywords.
There are four golden steps of SEO and to get good business out of it. Follow these and you will be Bang On Target-
1. Attract Visitors
2. Convert Visitors Into Potential Customers
3. Retain And Grow Customers Like A Chain
4. Measure And Optimize

Monday, April 19, 2010

Get A FeedBurner Account for Your Blog Today

If you dont have a FeedBurner Account for your blog this is the guide that will guide you to install or set up one for you. 
Step By Step Method To Get FeedBurner : 
Since FeedBurner is owned by Google, you need to have a Google email account. Sign up for a free, This is simple and fast.
Go to FeedBurner and sign in with your new Google email account.
After you've signed in, you will see "Burn a Feed right this instant", just type in your blog URL, and click NEXT
It will take you to another page where you can see your Feed Title, and your Feed Address. If everything is correct and you 're happy, then click NEXT
Now you are on another page, read over it carefully! Don't worry; it is a short summary telling you that your Feed is now live! Click Next
You're now on yet another page, read over it! I usually leave this page alone and just click NEXT
Now you are in your Feed account homepage, click on PUBLICIZE tab
On your left side bar, click on Email Subscription, and click on ACTIVATE
On this page you will find the codes for your blog, copy these codes, and go to your blog layout.
Choose where you want to place this widget on your blog, click on Add Element, click on HTML/Javascript, and paste the codes onto its element. Make sure to save your work!
To offer subscription via readers, go to your FeedBurner, click on PUBLICIZE, click on Chicklet Chooser on the left side bar, and it will take you to another page.
You can either pick what readers you would want to offer to your viewers, or just use FeedBurner standard icon, and scroll down to the bottom to get your codes.
Copy and paste these codes to your blog in the same manner as you've done with the email subscription.
Your blog is now ready for subscribers! Once you have FeedBurner feed, you can also earn Google adsense for your feed. 
Many services such as Technorati, NetWorkedBlog, or Amazon Kindle Publishing will ask for this feed, and you can provide them with your blog feed from FeedBurner. 
If you have more than one blog, repeat these same steps for each blog! 

10 Bing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

As Bing has emerged as a great Search Engine in the queue of Google, Yahoo and many other Search Engines, people specially Webmasters wants to know more about it as how to improve their sites ranking and position on BING. Bing is very much the same like Google and Yahoo but it has some different kind of algo and methodologies follwed like any other. As every search engine follows some different kind of working methodology. Here are some steps you will love to follow for your site to rank on Bing:
Tip 1: Web Page Title
It is very important that your page title contains the key words that would summarize the contents of your page and you are focussing to target on for the audience. 
Tip 2: Your Web Domain Age
Bing loves websites with older domains. The earlier you register/create your domain, the better Bing will know and rank you website. So if you are looking into developing a new website, it would be best to purchase or use an older domain.
Tip 3: The right Text and The Right Measure For It
Bing appears to give pages with 300 – 500 words with higher rankings. Unlike Google, Yahoo, or Cuil, Bing focus more on the relevance of the page title to the contents on the page.
Tip 4: A lot of Quality Links
Build as many quality back links to your website as possible. However, a good link is sometimes better than 100 regular links and a bad link will actually lower your rankings. So be sure that the links to your page are strongly relevant to your websites contents.
Tip 5: Static Links Are Better
Is best to keep all your URLs static and simple. A static URL is easier to bookmark and easier to index for search engine especially BING.
Tip 6: Linking To Other Web Pages
In contrast to Google, Bing does not penalize your page rankings if you create a link to a page outside of your website. 
You can still have external links while not get penalized. All you have to do is to add rel=”nofollow” in all your link tags.
EX: ‹a href=”samplelink.html” rel=”nofollow” >
Tip 7: Be Friendly To The Bing Crawlers
Be sure to have a “robots.txt” file in your main directory that allows the MSNBot to crawl your site. You should also prevent web crawlers from crawling specific files and folders.
Tip 8: Organized HTML Coding Style
Bing likes web pages that are designed and coded according to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. This means that you should design web pages with well-formed HTML tags & codes, be sure that your page does no have any unclosed tags or broken links. You can use the W3C validation service to test your page for optimum Bing result.
Tip 9: Update Your Page Status Regularly
If a page from your website is removed or changed to a different URL location, then you need to redirect your visitors to that new web page.
Tip 10: Protect Your Users
Your web site should not lead visitors to unwanted malware or third-party websites that contain malicious contents or contents that are unrelated to your page.
Some more useful Bing Optimization tips:
1. Register your website at Bing Webmaster. This way you can see the full report/analysis of your website on Bing.
2. Adding rel=nofollow in your link tags will prevent link juice leakage and prevent search engine link penalization.
    EX: ‹a href=”samplelink.html” rel=”nofollow” >
3. Bing Site Submission:
Hope you will get your site be able to rank and indexed on Bing now keeping in mind the points that I have mentioned in this post. 

Explaining Twitter And The Tweets

Many of my friends often wonder the use and importance of Twitter. They say - "What is this Twitter all about?"That is the reply I get most often when I talk about Twitter to friends and family.  And when I explain them the way how Twitter operates, they ask, "Why would anyone use Twitter for blogging and other purpose when you dont have a separate inbox etc and everything here is public?"
Twitter is a Mini Blog
Twitter is a mini update usually containing 140 characters. It is a popular features of social networks where you can update your status.
It is a kind of mini blogging, for people who want to blog but don't want to blog on platforms like blogger etc. A personal blog can keep people informed on what is going on in your life and in and around you, but not everyone has the time to spend an hour crafting a beautiful post about them or what they think. Sometimes, you just want to say "I am not feeling well today" or "I want to see Sachin Tendulkar winning for Mumbai Indians In IPL3."
So what is Twitter? It's a great place for keeping people informed on what you are up to without the need to spend a lot of time creating an entire post on any topic you want to speak your mind on.
Twitter is Social Messaging: - While Twitter was started as a mini-blogging service, it is grown into much more than simply a tool to type in quick personal status updates. So when asked "What is Twitter?", I often describe it as a "cross product of blogging and instant messaging" to describe it roughly in plain and simple language.
At Twitter - social messaging you can follow people and have followers, and even you can have Twitter on your cell phone and interact with people whenever you like. Twitter has become the perfect social messaging tool. Whether you are out on the town and want to connect with a group of people , or keeping people informed of developments at the event or task you are out for, Twitter is a great tool for quickly communicating a message to a group of people.
Twitter is also emerging as a media to comment on world activities i.e. you can speak your mind on persons, politics, event etc.
Twitter is News Reporting : - Turn on CNN, BBC or any other news-reporting service and you'll be able to see whats going on in the world around and you can also see your favourite media person's comments and opinion on that particular event.
With utilities like Twitterfeed, it is easy to get an RSS feed converted into Twitter updates. This makes it easy to use Twitter as a form of social media marketing. This is also a strong SEO Tool nowadays. There are tools which can post any webcontent on Twitter in the form of short hybrid URLs. A example of this URL is - You cannont predict from this URL what is inside this URL.
After discussing so many things we are now in a situation to say exactly what Twitter is. It is many different things to many different people. It can be used by a family or group or friends to keep in touch, or a company to coordinate business, or the media to keep people informed or a writer to build up a fan base. Twitter is micro/mini-blogging. It is social messaging medium, a business tool, a news reporting service and a marketing utility in SEO.
I hope my friends will read this post to whom Twitter was not clear as to what it is actually. So start twittering about your own status to your friends and group you are associated with and you want them to be in touch with you.