Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dominating The Search Engine

Dominating the search result is the most challenging task in SEO. Doing seo and to dominate are quite different things. Dominating is lot of a tricky task. I am going to figure out a few what I consider are the most important and basic things:
1. Register a good domain name for your site that contain your most important and competitive keyword.
2. Make the pages of your sites named accurately. Get specific names for the page, like services.html or contact.html
3. Build as many links for your site as you can. Rely more on quality link related to your site's theme. Opting for directory submission services is a wise thing which is one-linking. You can also do two-way and three-way link building. 
4. Get some well written articles for your site and you deal with. Submit them to good article directories with good page rank. Check that the pages of these sites are cashed regularly by search engine Bots.
5. Name the images used in your site according to the image only like if its an apple name it apple.jpg etc.
6. Get profiles on as many Social Networking as you can. 
7. Participate in forum discussion about your site and work. But dont through unnecessary links there or you will be declared spammer by site admin. 

SEO Techniques And Practices

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is now a days a very essential part of ones business online. As nowadays we meet many of our needs online. We go online to meet many of our needssay for example: electronics item like mobile, cameras, laptops, washing machine etc. to count a few among many other things even groceries. We just fing the best deal for us which meets our need and wallet. So the basic idea is that you opt to purchase those items only which are found in the top of a search engine result like on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
So all you need to get your business on the top search result called "SERP" is to get SEO Services for your business product or you can say the website through which you run your business. There are a Thousands of SEO Service Providers all across the World. lets not go into that here.
The other most important part of SEO is that - "Know Your Keywords". This is because any SEO Service Provider will need your keywords depending on the nature of your business. It may be that you are focussing only in your local territory or may be in your own country only, or globally. So the keywords need miderate modifications to get on top of your competitors. Like If you are dealing in Real Estate In India You would like to have the keywords - Real Estate in India, Best House Deals in India, Affordable House Deals in India etc. These search result will customize your optimization on search result.
But if you will take Real Estate, Best House Deals, Affordable House Deals etc., it will work as a global keywords. These keywords will take a hell lot of your time to get ranked.
The next big thing is to get a well written content content for your site. A well written content by you for your site is always upto the mark for your site and will contain the balance of your keywords of your business. As search engine loves to read natural contents. And Nature always contains beauty in itself.
 Suppose the visitor is looking for "Best House Deals in India". You are on the top ten Google result. You have a chance to get clicked then, by that visitor. You already have a excellent content and information about your services. Then the visitor will make a mind to contact you for his need. (Else he will jump on to the other results available.)
The vistor who will love your content and information regarding the particular search will try to get a deal with you, and you are there for it. Are not you? A happy customer always helps you in getting another customer for you by "Word Of Mouth". As he will be praising you to his friends and family about you and this will work for you.
Have a trace of the results periodically. Get into optimizing the more you can. Dominate the search result for the keywords.
There are four golden steps of SEO and to get good business out of it. Follow these and you will be Bang On Target-
1. Attract Visitors
2. Convert Visitors Into Potential Customers
3. Retain And Grow Customers Like A Chain
4. Measure And Optimize