Friday, December 6, 2013

PR Updated in December 2013 - What Does It Mean In New SEO Approach

Today, on 6th December 2013, Google has updated Page Rank for Websites and Blogs. Contrary to Matt Cutt's saying that he will be surprised if Google updates its Page Rank before 2014, Page Rank has been updated by Google just a few hours ago. Google is always unpredictable! And that is why Google is the leader in the Search Industry and ruling the other Search Engines(Read BING and Yahoo). Refer this Tweet by Matt Cutts.

But as now Google has updated the Page Rank including increasing the Page Rank of Websites, as well as downgrading the page rank for many websites and blogs. Does this shows any new signal for the Webmasters and SEOs, who are used to measure Page Rank for any website performance. Since the last two months, Page Rank was not getting any importance due to the recent Matt Cutts statement, Hummingbird Update and the Penguin 2.1 update. It was believed that if you will work on the basis of Page Rank, you will start making mistakes again by getting backlinks from higher page rank websites, and not considering the other very important quality checks for a high quality website like the Domain Authority, Page Authority and  Author Rank etc. 

What Does This Page Rank Update Means For SEO?
Page Rank is calculated on the basis of backlinks created and the authority of the pages. So, does this means that building backlinks is back again like before. Because a boost in the Page Rank means a boost in your ranking and website performance on Google.
According to me, Page Rank has been updated, but that does not mean the Golden Era of SEOs are back where they can start building thousands of links for their website like they used to do earlier. No one has stopped you to build a backlink for your website, but the links should be relevant and shouldn't be only rich anchor text. You can still build links with dofollow and nofollow links. But if you will make only dofollow links for getting more search engine ranking,  you will be thrown out of the Google's indexing and SERP for sure. I am saying this because Google has changed its search now, and it will not allow you to manipulate that.
Stay tuned for the next blog on this update and its signal for the future of seo and link building aspects. Because, this update was a shocking news for everyone including me. Nobody was expecting it after Matt Cutt's Tweet. But as it is here now before 2014, it is definitely to say something. We will have to watch for the performance  of our website for a few days from now to come to any final conclusion. As of now, my organization's website home page Page Rank has been updated from 4 to 6 and all the internal pages has been updated from 3 to 5. 


  1. Twitter has lost its PR. It is now NA after today's PR update. Surprising!!!

  2. Sir Need to Ask
    please help me with this, As all of you know PR is Updated, and my company website got 6 PR for Home page and 5 for inner pages, I was earlier thinking about to change my URL's from using _ to - in inner pages, now as PR is updated if i change my URL will it effect some thing? Should i change my URL's now or NOT??

    1. Using _ Vs - is just a matter of choice and your ease to use it. It doesn't have a more technical aspect into it. MOre and more people are using - but thats just a trend. Wikipedia is using _ to separate keywords in their url. So according to me it will be a heavy cost to pay to change your url from _ to - and loose all your page rank which is now 5 as you said. Check an example of a wiki Page
      You can also do a little research of your own in this regard to be sure of before coming to any conclusion.

  3. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this!