Sunday, October 20, 2013

What To do Now After Hummingbird? Why this Update? How Will It Affect Better Searching?

What Is Hummingbird Algorithm? Why this Update? How Will It Affect Better Searching For Users? What SEOs should do Now? These are some questions which comes in our mind ever since the launch of this update.

It was September 27th when the World was happy celebrating the 15th Birthday of Google. On this day, Google introduced the first of its kind algorithm named "Hummingbird". Hummingbird was introduced to bring improved search results for Desktop, Laptop, Mobile devices, and Voice command for search on advanced and intelligent devices. There is no doubt that Google is evolving its Search Engine in a much faster pace than any other Search Engine. This update is introduced to bring more natural search results in order to kill Spamy websites to rank.

Hummingbird has taken into account factors like Long-tail Keyword, Page Authority, Mobile Search, Voice Search, more concentration on content quality, and knowledge graph to give its user a more semantic and much improved result. Long-tail keyword is the biggest beneficiary. I personally think that though people were using keywords like SEO Agency Delhi or SEO Consultants Delhi for hiring a Seo firm for their business, but it is most likely that people will search for "How To Find A Good SEO Company" or "How to Find Good SEO Specialists for My Business".

These enhanced search result is said to be that no search has gone beyond the results shown after the Hummingbird update has hit the web. This has affected nearly more than 90% of the of a web searches. This was user focused update, depending upon the understandings and the thought process of a searcher and then providing better answers to every queries by a Googler. Better results for longer search queries is the finest example of the Hummingbird. Earlier Google was delivering results based on important words from any query, but now each individual word from the query is processed and the result is delivered after examining the whole meaning of the search phrases used. With this advance algorithm, you will now find the exact result for your searches like "best butter chicken near my area". Best butter chicken is understood, but what about - near my area? This is possible now. Google will now give you the result based on the area you live in after checking your Google profile. And yes you have to be logged into your Google account to get this result. (But of course, the restaurant owner will not be able to know of this search by this user as he was logged into his Google account and Google's privacy policy has declared that it will not disclose private data of any user who is logged in, as it comes under the account activity of the user). Google is geared up for the next generation of search result. This is to make sure that the Googlers will now interact, speak, participate and contribute to the Google product more often and more effectively.

Is Seo Dead Now?

Is SEO dead now, is what everyone is wondering about these days after this algorithm. The answer is No, SEO is not dead. Seo is more intelligent now. Those who were considering SEO a less preferred task over other technical jobs, will now respect this job more. SEO is alive now if you know how to cope with the changing pace infact fast changing pace of Google, updating its algorithm to give the user a more user oriented and user oriented result. SEO is no more a link building activity, where you will build more and more rich anchor text links and rank your keywords high on most of the business terms. And since the beginning, Google has been shouting - "Be original, be relevant, be informative about your product, contribute value oriented content for its users and you will get benefited in the Search Engine." Those who have always believed in the concept of high quality content and you were never involved in easy spammy link building practices, you will be in a win win position. You will get high traffic with the help of long tail keyword searches.

What to do now? Whats the Future?

Now, if you were having duplicate content, just change it and write a fresh content for your business. If you have written original content for your business, you have to tweak it in a way to make it easier for the search engine to be able to make it searchable for long-tail queries like why, how, when, how to, what and where. You have to make sure that you are able to make your page and content searchable for more than four to five(4 to 5 word most necessarily and most likely). This will be a long lasting effort from you and you will get long term benefits from this. Share your content on Social Sites, the likes, share and comments that you will get are now going to affect your SEO. Presence of your links on Authority websites is the only to build links. Inbound links for your website is still valuable. Do not get into the trap of building links from directories, bookmarking website etc. While posting articles for your content marketing, just post it on a single website. DO not republish the same content again and again on other article sites. Web 2.0 is now going to play a bigger role in your SEO strategy.


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  2. I like how you said that SEO is more intelligent now and I agree. I prefer the new hummingbird algorithm because of its accurate SERPS; now web browsers can be more specific with what they are looking for and would not rely on keywords that don’t build as much of a phrase.

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