Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Is Blog Walking - How To Blog Walk

Blog Walking

Have you ever heard of the term Blog Walking. What is Blog Walking? How you can do it? These are soem questions associated with Blog Walking. Now the strange thing is that all of us do blog walk in one way or the other. Blog Walking is very important for your blog if done properly.
"Blog Walking" simply means to read others blog and after reading the blog post make a comment on the blog. Then put a link to your own blog after the comment. You can make a comment like -
Hi Blogger,(If the post is annonimous, otherwise you can address his/her name.)
I have just finished reading your blog post. I appreciate your way of introducing this subjct in a very way.
You can see some interesting post here also - http://your own
You can get huge readers in this way from this comment if your blog is of the same taste as it was where you have made a comment. And it is more likely that people visit blogs and website of their own field/interest. As a SEO person will seldom read a blog written on "How To Cure Cancer".
This is a nice way of link exchange for your blog. Do Blog Walking and drive huge traffic to your blog.

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