Sunday, April 17, 2011

Digging The Basic Facts Of SMO-Social Media Optimization

I am a SEO by profession and recently I have joined an Organization where I have been assigned SMO(Social Media Optimization) projects. So basically I am transforming myself into a SEO + Internet Marketing Professional. As a result I really got curious about the SMO thing. I m also curious that can SMO increase the ranking in Search Engine along with increasing the sales and business of the clients. 

As a result of these queries, I have come up with certain valid and good results, which I am going to share on my blog :-
There is one very obvious question that keeps coming in mind that can we really take a lead in Online Marketing by just doing some really good SMO activities. As right now Facebook is really taking the charge in the in SMO arena. Twitter follows and so does other social media sites like Linkedinn, My Space, Digg etc.  

But SMO is not about SEO totally. SEO is about ranking Websites on search engines. But SMO is is all about marketing, making your product, business and brand popular. You want to make it seen among the prospective clients and people. Ultimately you are trying to make some reputation for your brand. 

While working on SMO for your business, you should forget about the LINKS & TRAFFIC. As SMO is about getting known among the people. We focus on – Maximum people should know about your business and brand.  Just focus on making your reputation online, make relevant profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Social News(Digg, Newsvine, Stumbleupon), Blogging on blogger, wordpress, livejournal, typepad etc. 

One thing is very important here is to keep the activities on these Social platforms very regular. If you are not regular you are surely going to lag behind. Irregular posting and writings will create  bad image for you. Think what you feel when you yourself land on someone’s profile and you see there that the last post, update or any kind of event happened a couple of months back. It gives a sense of laziness from the business. 

So keep yourself active, offer something interesting and good on these SMO platforms and you are surely going to take the charge. And ultimately when people will like your brand and business they will visit your Website more often thus increasing a positive and good prospective Traffic to your site.
The post following this post will include some very good SMO resources and tactics that will help you take the front seat in SMO, as I have tried these things personally for my ongoing projects. 

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  1. Hey Abhineet, nice post!

    The SMO facts you have mentioned are really useful and beneficial. SMO drives traffic from sites other than search engines which helps in upgrading the search ranking. It is a form of viral marketing.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable post..

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  3. I just follow all those steps and make a great blog.

  4. if i follow these steps can i get better traffic & ranking