Saturday, March 12, 2011

What Is Search Engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is getting trafficand targetted visitors on your website from the search engine. It is shortened to call Search Marketing. 

SEM is covering two areas in detail:
1. Traffic through SEO process(Organic)
2. Traffic through Paid Seach or PPC(In-Organic)

SEM is not only getting traffic through paid search, as many people believe. SEM includes pure organic and usual seo methods also. 

There are some tools which are very much helpful in getting your SEM project chive success:
1. Keyword Research tools - you cn take refrences from two or three tools.
2. Links from different related websites and forums etc.
3. URL shorteners which help you in spreading your links on the web or on social media. It is used to wrap your original link. 
4. Web Analytics tools helps you in getting reports and different real time stats on your SEO and SEM project. 

SEO and SEM together is now taking the lead in getting high business to the clients eventually attaining high returns from their investment. In India SEO and SEM is a huge success. 


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