Friday, February 25, 2011

Google's New Algo Change- Ethical SEO Rewarded

Under extereme pressure to improve the search results, on 24/02/11, GOOGLE announced that it has made a "BIG AlGORITHMIC IMPROVEMENT", That unlike other changes could be noticeable to its users. Google's Amit Singhal & Matt Cutts, announced this change.

This change has already affected 11.8% of the search queries. This update will be a setback to the sites with low quality content or more precisely copy pasted content or less informative content.

Based on this Algorithmic Update, Some sites will go up the ranking and some will fall in the ranking.

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  1. Very good site you have created. Now Google change his algorithm for betterment of calculating website rank. It detects related concepts to a query and then returns a section of those pages and lists other topics related to the key word so users can pick the most relevant. Thanks...

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